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Celebrate Earth Day

Posted on April 01, 2013 by halloweencostumes

Earth day falls on April 22nd every year and it marks the birth of the environmental movement in 1970. The idea was to bring awareness among people about preserving the environment and reducing carbon footprint. This day has become significant for many people in the light of the wild weather patterns and climate change happening around the world. Many companies, social organizations and other groups are conducting Earth day events to put focus on these issues.

As a member of the organization or the company, you can do your best by not only doing some environment friendly activity like planting trees, but you can also wear the right costumes to work or earth day events to emphasize its importance to others.

If you are a charming lady, then the best costumes available for you on Earth Day are Women’s Animals and Bugs Costumes. These costumes turn the spotlight on the animals that are being hunted. Many animal species are becoming extinct because their habitats are cleared for human existence. To show your solidarity for animals, you can choose costumes such as Wild Zebra Women Costume or Playful Panda Costume. The good part about these costumes is that they come with the necessary accessories to make you look great. For example, the Zebra costume comes with a matching mohawk, tail and a ear headband while the Panda costume comes with a Panda hood. These costumes tun focus on a heavy subject and at the same time, brings about a lightheartedness to it. This unique combination is sure to make you look great and at the same time, remind people about the importance of animals to the local ecology.

Besides dressing up yourself, you can also encourage your kids to wear appropriate earth day costumes. This is a great way to bring awareness about the importance of this day and also help them to have fun at the same time. There are many adorable kids animal costumes available today and you can help your kids pick the animal they like. This is a good chance to talk more about the animal and to tell them how they can be responsible and protect its habitat in the future. Such themed conversations tend to stay longer in their young kids which means there is a higher chance for them to do things that are good for the environment in the future.

Some of the costumes you can choose for kids include Penguins costume, tiger kids costume and leopards kids costume. All these animals are in the endangered list today, thanks to extensive clearing of their natural habitat. The best part about these costumes is that they come with accessories as well and this is sure to make your kids look adorable as they learn more about the habitat of these animals and the importance of preserving it for the future. The Panda costume, for example, comes with feet and hands while the tiger costume comes with an ear headband, a plush tail and leg warmers.

So, wear your animal costume and march on to protect their environment!

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