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World Environment Day Costume 0

Posted on May 25, 2013 by halloweencostumes

Weird weather patterns and increasing instances of natural disasters have brought environment into focus. The human actions and its impact are being extensively analyzed to understand the connection. Further, many environmental groups and governments are partnering together to bring more awareness about environmental degradation and the resulting impact to the society.

In the light of these changes, the World Environment Day has become significant. Celebrated on June 5th every year, this day is associated with education and positive action. On this Environment Day, you can go one step forward and even wear your favorite ‘green’ costume to show your solidarity and support for the environment.

One of the best costumes to highlight the importance of preserving the environment is the Ghoulish Tree Man Costume. This costume, as the name implies, is that of an old tree that is brown and withered. This dress will bring the impact on the environment to the forefront because if humans continue to act irresponsibly, then this is how barren and ghoulish the trees will be. This costume comes with a ghoulish mask, gloves and a torn robe on a brown suit. You can even complement this dress with a pair of matching shoes.

Another costume that will drive the impact of environmental degradation is the Skin Biohazard Zombie Costume. This costume will bring out the impact of global warming and excessive greenhouse gas emission to the human body. The full body suit and hood will fit perfectly for this day.

If you want to show the world about what you think of toxic waste, then the Toxic Waste Container Biohazard Zombie Costume is the right choice. It includes a foam waste can that depicts how overflowing toxic waste impacts the environment and eventually human beings too. To enhance the impact of this costume, you can add on a wig, zombie mask, appropriate makeup, shirt, pant and shoes.

In short, the World Environment Day is a great occasion to bring awareness to some of the pressing issues facing our environment today. As the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, it is the costume that is going to say a thousand words to your audience. So, wear an appropriate costume on this day and tell the world to care for their environment.

Memorial Day Costume 0

Posted on May 17, 2013 by halloweencostumes

Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of every May in the US. As the name implies, this day is dedicated to all the army, navy and air force men and women who have served for the country. It is a federal holiday in the US and this year, it falls on the 27th.

Many people across the country have parties or service to honor these brave men and women. One way to show your appreciation for their service and sacrifice is to wear an army uniform. It not only gives you a sense of pride, but it also gives you an opportunity to understand what they have gone through to protect your family and country.

Men Costumes for Memorial Day
The US Army Ranger Deluxe Costume is just what you need for the upcoming memorial day celebration. This costume comes with a digital cameo jumpsuit, knee pads, matching digital cameo vest, thigh pouch and thigh holster. You can even buy accessories such as matching glasses, shoes and a gun to complete your attire. These costumes come in different sizes to suit your physical attributes. You can choose from standard, medium, extra large and plus size 2X.

Women Costumes for Memorial Day
Who ever said army costumes are only for men? There are thousands of women in the army who serve their country today. By wearing one of their costumes, you show your support and solidarity for them. The Women US Army Costume comes with a digital cameo dress with a zip in the front, a matching cameo hat and US Amy patches. Additionally, you can buy glitter lashes and shoes to go with your dress. It will add to your authentic army looks.

Kids Costumes for Memorial Day
What a better way to teach your kids about the importance of service, than by giving them an army costume. This is one of the best opportunities you have as a parent to talk to them about army men and women. You can read books, show them small video clips and dress them up in army dress to give them a better idea about the important role played by these men and women.

The Boys Instant Army Costume comes with a khaki shirt, tie and hat. You can pair it with any pants to complete the army looks for your son, grandson or nephew. You can even buy formal shoes to go well with the costume. Another option is the Kids Green Army Man Deluxe Costume. It includes a jumpsuit printed in green, helmet, hood and boot covers.

Choose from these options for your next memorial day service to thank these brave men and women for the invaluable service they do for your country.

Mother’s Day Costume Comments Off

Posted on May 08, 2013 by halloweencostumes

Do you want to surprise your mother on her special day? Why not do it with a costume she would love?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. This day is dedicated for mothers around the world to thank them for all that they do for others. Many people like to get flowers or chocolates. You can do something different – get her a costume of a character that she adores.

Does you mom like humor? How about getting her a costume that will bring a smile on her lips. The Woman Giggles Clown is one such costume. The costume include a dress with big bright dots, hair scrunchies, bloomers and even shoe covers to go with her dress. You can make it even more colorful by getting accessories such as a yellow Afro wig or a flashing clown nose to make it perfect.

If your mother is a history buff, then what can be a better surprise than a historical costume. Learn ahead of time about your mother’s favorite lady from history and get her a matching costume. One popular costume that is loved by many mothers is the Princess of the Pyramids costume. It comes with a white polyester dress embellished with blue and gold designed waist and collar belt. A matching wristband and headpiece is also a part of the costume. You can even add glitter lashes or gold color shoes to make your mom look like a glowing princess on mother’s day.

Another popular set of costumes that is loved by mothers around the world is the TV and Movie Character costumes. There are a ton of options to choose from, classic to sassy. For Lord of the Rings fan, Queen Arwen costume is the perfect choice. This costumes comes with a long flowing dress in pastel green shade. The flowing bell cuffs and an elegant crown complete the costume for her. You can also add a Arwen Lord of the Rings necklace or wig to match the costume.

Besides humor and history, you can also choose from super hero, pirates, fairy tales and devil costumes for your mom. Simply match her interest and see the smile and maybe even a few drops of tears on her face.

In shot, costumes are an awesome gift for your mother because it will last longer than flowers and chocolates. Every time she sees this costume in her wardrobe, it will make her think of you and how special you made her feel on this day. It is a great way to thank her for all that she has done for you. So, which one are you going to get for her?

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