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My Little Pony: Best Dressed Friends

Posted on August 29, 2014 by halloweencostumes

My Little Pony: Who knows friendship better than this gang of cute and lovable ponies who always stand by each other?

One of the most famous TV series for girls that depicts a story of loyalty and friendship is the well-known series of My Little Pony. We know that there are a lot of fans out there because who couldn’t resist such cute and fun-loving circle of friends that enjoys adventures. That’s why The Costume Land is proud to present some of the really fabulous My Little Pony costumes we have in store for you.

Come on! Let’s check them out!

Rainbow Dash is very loyal pony is the best flier in all of Equestria. She is responsible in maintaining the weather and for the clear skies in Ponyville. If you’re into blue and rainbows, a Rainbow Dash Women My Little Pony Costume might just be for you. This costume includes an asymmetrical petticoat dress with embroidered rainbow applique, wings, tail, wig, glitter later ear headband and leg warmers.


To maximize and level up your look with this costume, we have provided a video below that will show you a tutorial on how to do a Rainbow Dash themed makeup that would look absolutely perfect for this costume.

Fluttershy is a very kind pony who takes care of many animals. She might be shy and easily frightened but if you hurt her friends, she becomes tough. A lot will agree that she is really cute, so for her fans, here’s a Fluttershy Women My Little Pony Costume that includes a dress with satin bow accents, wings, tail, wig, glitter latex ear headband and a pair of leg warmers.


Match your costume with an awesome looking makeup, play along with a little shyness and soft voice then guaranteed, you’d be the center of attraction.


Source: Sharon Stadterman @

Pinkie Pie may be a loud and sometimes, annoying Earth pony but you will still love her high spirit and energy. She loves to have fun and to party. If you love the same things, you may just look perfect in this Pinky Pie Women My Little Pony Costume that comes with a petticoat dress with glitter tulle skirt, tail, wig, glitter latex ears headband and leg warmers.

pinkie pie.png

Girls cannot not love pink. It may be a good idea to put on pink eyeshadow for your makeup. You can do away with what you want but for an idea, you can do one as shown in the picture below.



Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn pony who has displayed all the good qualities each pony has. That’s why she is adored and loved for her golden heart. Being the main character of My Little Pony, Twilight Sparkle may have the most number of fans. That’s why we have this Twilight Sparkle Women Costume that comes with a catsuit with glitter tulle bodice, tail, wig, glitter latex ear headband and leg warmers.

twilight sparkle.png

Purple is her color so match your costume with the same color for your makeup for a better look.



For the kids who love My Little Pony more than anyone else, we’ve got costumes for them too. Your kids will surely look totally adorable and they will love it for sure.

Let’s see what we have here for them.

Since we were just talking about Twilight Sparkle, we have a costume of Twilight Sparkle for your kids too. This costume is in the Alicorn form of Twilight Sparkle so your little girls will feel like a princess in it, a magical princess! Here’s the My Little Pony Star Song Kids Costume that is complete with a dress with detachable wings and tail, leg and arm warmers and a character headpiece. It’s nice, comfy and is very purple so your little girl will adore you when you get her this amazing set.

pony star.png

Little girls love pink and are so active so it’s not to wonder if they would love Pinkie Pie. We have a My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Classic Girls Costume for your little one. This costume comes with a tunic with detachable tail, leggings and headband. She will love this very fancy and sparkly dress. It’s perfect for your fun-loving little girl.

pinkie pie kids.png

If you are looking for the ultimate, fanciest, cutest and most colorful My Little Pony costume for your little girl to show off on, then we recommend this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Tutu Dress Prestige Girls Costume. This costume set comes in with a tutu dress with zipper closure, detachable tail and wings and headband with ears and bow. Get this costume for your little girl and she will certainly enjoy wearing it and will surely prance around proudly.

rainbow dash kids.png

There are accessories like wigs that you can use to match any outfit you might want. We have this Long Wavy Women Rainbow Wig that might come in handy for you.


You must now be so excited about this great and cute costumes that are available in store. There are more costumes and accessories that you can check in our website. Just visit this link right here:

Visit our website for more exciting costumes. We have a wide variety of products available that would fit your costume needs for any season and are available at any time. We’d be glad to be part of your magical experience.

Thanks for shopping at The Costume Land.

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