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Circus Costumes: Let the Fun Never End 0

Posted on May 31, 2016 by halloweencostumes

When it comes to fun and exciting activities, there are many things you can do with the family that will surely make every vacation or even just a weekend extraordinary. The list of fun stuff to do may be endless but there is one thing that will surely spark the interest especially when you know where to go to find the most amazing and rare sights. Have you ever seen a really flexible woman jump her way across the room through swings? How about a guy who could shove down a whole sword down his throat without any harm? Or what about a performer balancing his way up on different objects 10 feet high above the ground? Where else could you find breathtaking performances like that other than the circus?

Historically, circuses were famous because of the rarity of the acts you can find. Some circuses also feature people with unbelievable capabilities or physical appearance or animals trained to do the most amusing things. The things you can see in circuses are really amazing and talking about the possibilities, well, they are endless. If you are amused and have grown to enjoy these types of shows, you might also enjoy our amazing array of circus costumes.

Let’s check them out!

If you have been to a circus event, then you may be very well familiar with the ringmaster or the ring mistress. You may be familiar with the traditional line of circus ringmasters that goes, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…” which is always said in a particularly dramatic fashion. It’s the job of the ringmaster or ring mistress to keep the audience’s attention to the act that is being performed. We have a ringmaster costume for women that has been added with a little twist of sexiness. This is the Ravishing Ringmaster Woman Halloween Costume which includes a top hat, whip, strapless romper with tails and chain detail and shoulder pads with fringe. If you are the ringmaster and you are wearing something like this, guaranteed, the audience’s attention will never be off of you.

So there’s the ringmaster, introducing the first act of the night. The lights dim and a spotlight turns on the middle of closed curtains. There’s something behind the curtains and it’s quite interesting. The curtains open and reveal.. Wait. Is that a monkey?

Yes, monkeys are very common attractions in circuses and they are really adorable especially when they wear nice little costumes. Well, they are smart creatures and training them to do fantastic tricks may not be that hard. But let’s admit it, seeing a cute monkey doing tricks is amusing for anyone, young or old. Sure the monkey is cute but surely, you can be as cute too if you wear this Wind Up Monkey Woman Halloween Costume. This costume includes a velvet petticoat dress with fleece monkey ear hood and attached fez hat, long monkey tail and attached turn key detail. It will make you look like a toy monkey but you are actually a real monkey with awesome tricks in mind.

In the circus, you will find other people and animals doing the craziest stuff. There are some people who are skeptic about the fun clowns bring. Well, you would have to admit that there are creepy clowns but this next costume might just change your mind about them. What would you say to a hot and sexy clown? Oh yes, you’re smiling. You like the idea, don’t you. Brace yourself for this Delightful Circus Clown Woman Halloween Costume which comes with a satin garter teddy with glitter polka dot peplum skirt and lace applique accent, ruffle neck piece, arm cuffs and a matching clown hat. Now that’s one sexy clown right there. If you’re this kind of clown, it’s a guarantee people will come flocking to see you.

We’ve got another clown costume for women and it is changing the image of clowns even more. If you found the first one sexy, then this will burn your eyes out because damn, it’s just too hot! Check out this even sexier twist to clown costumes called the Lusty Laughter Women Sexy Clown Halloween Costume. Cute, sassy and sexy clown costume that comes with a bodysuit, tutu with bell details and ears. This is not your typical clown costume but it definitely does the trick. (Get it?)

We have two more circus costumes we want you to see not because they are for you but because they would look adorable on your kids. These kids circus costumes are great for any occasion and we’re sure they will love them.

You have seen our sexy twist to the clown costumes, why not a hint of cuteness this time? If you want to see your kids transform into the most adorable little clowns then this is the costume you’re looking for. Check out this Girls Tickles The Clown Circus Halloween Costume which comes with a dress and bloomers.

All you need is a few more accessories to it like the pink tights, a neon pink wig with ponies, white gloves and some circus toe toppers which can all be found in store. Don’t get too carried away with the cuteness. Remember, makeup is what makes their cheeks pink, not your constant pinching. It’s hard but you have to resist the cuteness.

With their loud voices, let your little boys take over the show and make them the ringmaster. We have the perfect Boys Ring Master Circus Halloween Costume. It comes with a top hat, tail coat with epaulets attached and matching pants. This costume is spot on!

We hope you enjoyed today’s featured costumes. You can visit our website, for more costumes and accessories. All of our products are licensed and we guarantee the best quality and value for your money. Visit us often to see what’s new and what’s on sale!

Enjoy your shopping at The Costume Land!


Rich History of Renaissance Clothing 0

Posted on May 27, 2016 by halloweencostumes

There are many things admirable about history and by looking back at the past to where it led us today, it is fascinating to see the transition. Ideas, concepts, knowledge, events and people that have all contributed to the world we are living in today. The progress from riding horses and carriages to riding automated vehicles, from snail mail to email, from telegrams to cellular phones, all would be impossible without the work of exceptional people from our world’s rich history. If you are fond of history, then you may be very much familiar with the Renaissance.

The Renaissance period is popular not just in its history but also in many aspects such as art, science, music, religion and fashion. This was the time when Europe had gone through its cultural transition between the Middle Ages and modern history. Art may be one of the most popular things about the Renaissance with its distinguishing feature of the development of highly realistic linear perspective. It was also during this time when printing was invented and it lead to huge progress in science as it allowed ideas and knowledge to spread faster to large groups of people. Science was not the only one that made significant progress during this time because of the invention of printing. Music spread on a wider scale which caused the emerge of demand for music for entertainment and educational purposes.

There are many things interesting about the Renaissance but one of which is their fashion. Clothing during the Renaissance period was not just fancy business. They take it so seriously that they even have laws and rules who gets to wear this and who is not allowed to wear that. Well, you know things are pretty serious when the government is involved. During this time, clothes were not just something you wear, they are a status symbol. The laws and rules exist because nobles don’t want peasants to be seen wearing the same clothes as them therefore they are forbidden to wear fancy clothes, own silk and other things that rich people possess. It was believed that clothes are the people’s treasure because most of their money are being spent on clothes and this helps them maintain a reputation of wealth and riches.

Women during the Renaissance value appearance. Blond hair was considered a trend and white complexion is ideal. This is why women wear hats and veils to keep them from getting tanned in the sun. They are often seen wearing long dresses with high waist and puffy sleeves and elaborately bright gowns. Look at these costumes we have. This one is the Designer Anne Boleyn Women Deluxe Halloween Costume which includes a gold trimmed headpiece with attached veil, long gown with brocade inset and highly decorative arm sleeves with the lace up back.


If you are looking for a very fitting Renaissance costume for an event or play, this is a pretty good example. If you check the details, it is a high waist long gown with puffy sleeves plus a headpiece with a veil, to keep you from the sun. During the Renaissance, clothes were embroidered with gold and silver threads with designs that depict nature, legends or religion.

Fur was considered valuable during the Renaissance. There were areas in Europe wherein only the nobles are allowed to wear them. If you desire to look like a noble from the Renaissance period, we have the costume for you. This Medieval Lady Renaissance Women Designer Deluxe Halloween Costume comes with a long flowing gown with long flowing sleeves and fur trim.The headpiece has a sheer veil and fur trim. This is a perfect example of Renaissance nobility displayed through clothing.

Now wigs were also a popular trend during the Renaissance period. The hair strands used in the wigs came from peasants. This was extremely popular especially with the women. We have Renaissance wigs as well. You might like these: Renaissance Women Wig and Marie Antoinette Women Wig

Women also love jewelry. They match their expensive gowns with priceless jewelry. Many have their jewelries made with gold and are ornamented with the finest jewels such as pearls and sapphires. Diamonds were also common to find among the rich people during this time. Like clothes, there are laws on who can own and wear a diamond. These things, like silk, cannot be bought or owned by peasants thus giving a clear line of distinction between the rich and the poor.

As for men, there is really not much difference. They still wear the same lavish clothing with gold and silver threads for embroidery, intricate designs and expensive materials. It is common for men to be wearing skirt, a hose, jacket, robe, doublet and beret. They wear colorful tights or stocking with a shirt and a tight fitting coat called a doublet. It was also common for men to wear hats. An example we have for a Renaissance men costume is this Designer Venetian Count Deluxe Men Halloween Costume which includes a finely detailed, premium quality, highly decorative gold trimmed jacket with lace lined sleeves, vest, jabot and pants. Men during the Renaissance period value their looks as much as women do. As mentioned earlier, clothes are a status symbol. The fancier your clothes are, the richer you look. To maintain that reputation of nobility, people had to live up to their image as high class by showing it to the public. What better way to flaunt that you’re wealthy other than wearing the most expensive and beautiful clothes?

All these interesting details about the fashion during the Renaissance history is certainly no match for what we have today. They give so much attention to their looks and it is no wonder that this is a subject talked about whenever Renaissance is discussed.

If you are fascinated by this rich history of fashion in the Renaissance, check out our store for more costumes. There are a lot of items to choose from and whether you’re using them for an event, a party, a play or for any other occasion, we have all the right costumes and accessories in store for you. Go to to see more.

Have fun shopping everyone!


2016 Sassy Women’s Costumes: Costumes with No Compromise 0

Posted on May 23, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Costume parties and events are one of the most enjoyable things to participate in. Who doesn’t enjoy being able to dress up in whatever character or personality you like, right? Men and women of all ages love to dress in different characters whether they are from movies, games, comic books, or in anything wearable you can think of. Sure, there are a lot of crazy ideas that people can get. There are certain rules that should be followed in wearing costumes. Number one rule: Don’t wear anything awkward. For a laugh, people can come up with the craziest costumes ideas like wearing something as awkward as a pad with blood costume. Seriously, don’t be that guy. A lot of these costumes can get out of hand but we all know that the guys come up with these silly stuff. Women are a lot more into fashion. The question is can you really combine fashion and costumes together?

Wearing costumes are tricky enough as it is. Staying in character and pulling off a great costume comes with a lot of effort from the wearer. You can’t just put something on and hope to look good. Costumes don’t work that way. Not at least if you want to be the star of the party. Women love to get attention when they are in something new. Wearing a costume and staying fashionable can be tricky but is absolutely possible. With the right choice, your next costume party can be your catwalk and you can strut it out in the most glamorous costume ever.

The first and most vital step in costume role playing is the decision making. What costume should you wear? Should you play a character from a movie? Like a cartoon character?  Or could you just whip something up then see what happens? There can be a lot of options which makes it even harder to make that one right choice. The best way to deal with this problem is by first asking yourself, “In what type of clothes do I feel most comfortable in?” Some women enjoy baring it all but some like to stay conservative. There are also women who are just, well, in between. Nothing is worse for a woman to be forced into wearing something she’s not comfortable in. That would lead to a deplorable fashion disaster.

So we are going to check out some of the latest costumes that we have in store. We will show you a few of the most stylish costumes so we can help you out in picking the right one for you. After all, who loves dressing up more than women do?

Are you into being the bad girl? Nothing can be hotter than women showing some attitude and a lot of guys (even other gals) find it really sexy. How would you feel about a gangster girl? Pretty cool, huh? So is this costume! Check out our Machine Gun Molly Gangster Woman Halloween Costume which includes suspender dress with button accents, peplum skirt, money armband, and dollar sign tie. This costume is stylish yet says enough to let people know they’re in trouble.

If there are bad girls, there are definitely good ones too. Don’t we always compare women of beauty to a goddess? Why not tell it straight to people that “Hey, I’m a goddess.” with this Glam Goddess Women Halloween Costume. This comes with a one shoulder dress, headband, armband and rope belt. It’s simple but you will certainly kill it with your pretty face and divine presence.

Nothing is more powerful and admiring than an independent woman with a career. Maybe that’s why costumes of professions like nurses, policemen, soldier and the likes are a big hit. For those who are into role playing with costumes like the ones mentioned, then you will definitely love this Mile High Maiden Women Navy Officer Deluxe Halloween Costume which comes in inclusive of a navy blue tube dress with zipper front, hat and scarf. Like come on, look at how fabulous this costume is. It’s like an actual uniform but with a sexy, stylish twist.

Geek women? Yes, there’s such a thing. If men can enjoy video games, superheroes and the fantasy of a futuristic world, women can enjoy such things too. So if you’re leaning towards the geeky side but don’t completely want to look like a nerd with your costume, then we have the perfect costume for you. Check out how cool this Futuristic Fashion Woman Jumpsuit Costume is. The black and silver jumpsuit makes it look like you are from the future but still has its sleekness to it. Imagine the jaws that will drop when people see you in this sexy nerdy costume.

All of the above are some pretty good ideas but we will not end this until we show even a few plus sized costumes that will burn your curves with hotness! Curvy is the new sexy and with the little extra plus sized women have, boldness and style is a sure to be spot on in these sassy costumes.

Take your costume role playing level to skies! Our Mile High Pilot Woman Plus Halloween Costume comes with a dress with a jacket overlay and peplum skirt, belt, neck tie and matching captain hat. Now that’s what you call costume taken to extreme heights.

You may think that animal costumes are becoming too mainstream. Well, we have an animal costume that might change your mind. This Curvy Bunny Woman Plus Halloween Costume is a show stopper. Cute and sassy but hot! It includes a body hugging shaper dress with molded underwire cups and glitter tulle skirt, cuffs, pin on tail and bendable ear headband. Whoever said that bunny costumes are just for skinny girls can hop their shamed asses away because this is the real deal.

There are many more great costumes we have in store. Don’t let style be sacrificed for you to rock an awesome costume. Let others keep their crazy costumes. Fashionable women can keep their flair no matter the occasion, no matter the event. With glamorous costumes The Costume Land has in store for you, you can maintain pizzazz regardless of whatever you wear.

So for the love of fashion, stay stylish.

Happy shopping, ladies!


Disney Kids: Let the Fun Never Cease 0

Posted on May 20, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Isn’t it amazing how amusing kids can be? To make them happy is not the hardest job in the world. Sometimes, all you need is to do is be as goofy as you can be as if you’re in their shoes. Kids love to have fun. Play is a priority for them and for parents, it keeps them preoccupied while mommy and daddy’s busy with grown up stuff. You can have all the types of toys in your home for your kids to play with but nothing beats a family time watching a movie together with them. Ideally, you would imagine an evening during the weekends when everyone’s not busy with anything and there’s time for leisure which is why you choose to bond with your kids. You sit in the family room couch, dim the lights and watch a movie or a TV show together with your kids. There are so many options of things to watch that both you and your kids will enjoy. One suggestion? Watch cartoons. And no, it’s wrong to say that only kids enjoy cartoons. It’s just a myth. First fact that you need to know about cartoons is that not all cartoons are solely for the enjoyment of kids. Second, not all cartoons are appropriate for kids. But that’s the great thing about cartoons, they are versatile. They can be for kids, for adults or both for kids and adults. Surely enough, you’ll find a good choice for that nice evening you have in mind to spend with your kids.

Speaking of cartoons…

Disney has been around making kids happy since heaven know when. They have been around for more than 90 years. Pretty sure, a lot of us grew up with classic Disney movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo, Fantasia, Bambi, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book and many, many more. Feeling nostalgic? But even as the years went by, Disney has continued to create the best animated movies and TV series for kids. Sometimes, even adults can indulge in the fun as well. Disney’s creations has always been able to tickle kids’ and adults’ funny bone. Their clever way of portraying various characters has fit almost everyone’s taste. Everyone has their own favorite characters. Remember the rise to fame of the movie Frozen? Almost every little girl’s favorite character is Elsa making the previous Halloweens seem nothing but an event for the Frozen movie. Every time a little girl knock on your door, you could already guess that it’s Elsa who came to your house trick or treating. But your kids don’t have to have a limited choice of characters. The Costume Land has a wide variety of costumes and your kids, even you, would enjoy taking a pick.

Let’s see what Disney kids costumes we have.

First of all, since we’re talking Disney here, let’s start off with the most iconic Disney character. You’ve guessed it. Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Mickey. Who doesn’t know this cute mouse in red shorts and yellow shoes? Mickey is one of the oldest Disney characters who first made his debut in the year 1928. Yes, he’s pretty old but he never gets too old for kids to enjoy. You can get this Mickey Mouse Boys Deluxe for your little boy. It comes with a bodysuit with attached jacket, bow tie, and character hood.


For girls, of course, we have Minnie Mouse. She is Mickey’s love interest and characterized as playful and flirtatious. She is also very cute. Surely, you would agree with that. We always enjoyed watching Mickey woo Minnie Mouse and help her in times of her distress. They are an absolutely fun duo. So if your kids love Minnie, they will also love this Kids Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume which comes with dress with sequined inset, an attached sash, Minnie Mouse Headband with ears and bow.


It’s out with the old and the new is now in. If your kids have been watching Disney Junior, I bet they would find the next costumes interesting. Why don’t you try to ask them if they know Dr. McStuffins? Or how about Sofia the First? Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates? Yes, we have costumes for all of them!

Dr. McStuffins is famous with kids. And yours love her, they may be saying already that they want to be a doctor. Dr. McStuffins is the nicest and most loving pet vet in the world. She always finds a solution and with the help of her good friends, she always manages to save the day and get rid of boo boos. Our Doc Mcstuffins Pet Vet Girls Halloween Costume comes with a dress, vest, leggings, headband and toy stethoscope.


Sofia the First is the first Disney princess to be a little girl. We know a lot of Disney princesses like Ariel, Cinderella, Belle and Snow White but all of these princesses were of teenage years. Sofia is the first child princess and what’s interesting about her is that she was just an ordinary girl until her mom married the king, making her a princess. As a new princess, she needs to learn all that there is to being a princess. Sofia is now a very famous princess among little girls so surely, yours probably is a fan too. Your little girl would love this Sofia Tutu Deluxe Girls Halloween Costume which comes with a dress with attached character cameo and tiara.

Let’s move on to more boys costumes. As mentioned earlier, we have Captain Jake in our list. Captain Jake is one boy who is always up for adventure just as he always says, “Yo ho! Let’s go!” Although Captain Hook tries to get in their way, nothing can stop Captain Jake and his crew. Finding treasures and going on adventures will always be their goal. Dress you little boy like Captain Jake with this Captain Jake Deluxe Pirate Boys Halloween Costume which includes includes a jumpsuit with attached jacket and belt, hat, detachable buckle, and pair of boot covers.

These are only our featured costumes but there are tons more choices at our online store. You can dress up your kid in any character they want. Their imagination is the only limit. Let them explore more of their personalities and interest through costumes. The fun will never end for you and your kids. Gather everyone up and make every party a costume party because with all these choices, you just can’t stop trying out more.

Stay young. Stay fun.

Have a happy shopping at The Costume Land!


Mermaids: Entering the Wondrous World Under the Sea 0

Posted on May 16, 2016 by halloweencostumes

The seas cover a vast majority of the earth. The ocean is filled with wonders along with the creatures in it that is of all sorts, shapes and sizes. There is a wide number of amazing creatures that fill the ocean, both tame and wild. Although until today, what lies in the deepest parts of the ocean is a bigger mystery than what lies beyond the heavens. With that in mind, a lot can say that we are still innocent of the possibilities that are yet to be discovered. One of these possibilities is the existence of mermaids.

Mermaids are known creatures of mythology with the characteristics of a human but half of their lower body is of a fish. Although for those who are not into mythology would only have knowledge about them based on the fairytales and movies we watch. In them, we find the typical story of mermaids living under the sea and finding humans to be interesting creatures. But in some legends, mermaids are believed to be dark creatures with no good will towards humans. You may be familiar with legends that say mermaids sing in the ocean to lure men and drown them. There are also stories of mermaids which tell that they cause perilous events like floods, storms, shipwrecks and drownings. Mermaids are known all over the world and most ancient stories from different countries include at least one or two stories about them.

Dark creatures or not, we can all agree that there is something interesting about them. The possibility of human evolution splitting into land and water creatures gives an idea that mermaids might actually exist. This may be a mystery but there is no need to wait for evidence so you can indulge into the fascination of mermaids.

Enter the mermaid world with the amazing mermaid costumes we have for you!

A classic mermaid costume would include a tail and a shell top. We could also agree that a mermaid may probably have long hair. Surely, there’s no salon underwater. And yet, who knows? But if you just want to stick to the original mermaid look, we have the costumes for you. This Underwater Beauty Deluxe Mermaid Woman Halloween Costume comes with a bodysuit and mermaid tail. It’s a sexy and shiny mermaid costume which is perfect for any costume party. How could you not stand out in this amazing mermaid getup?

mermaid 1.jpgmermaid 2.jpg

If you don’t like to keep things simple and want something that will definitely make heads turn, you would absolutely love this costume. It stays classic but with a little bit of twist to it making it an absolute show stopping costume. This Sultry Sea Siren Mermaid Woman Halloween Costume is a gold, sparkly mermaid costume that comes with a shell-like bra top and a mermaid tail sequin skirt. Looking at it, there is without a doubt a mermaid costume taken to the next level.

mer 3.jpg

Sure, a mermaid tail is a must if you want to actually look like a mermaid. But there might be some women find it hard to move around with the tight tail costume around in their legs. It can be quite a challenge to pull off a great mermaid costume. But hey, if you’re so passionate about them, it’s definitely worth it. If you want to break the norm and come out in something unique but still want to look for a fishy looking costume that still says “Hey! I’m a mermaid!” with the additional mobility, you would appreciate this Mermaid Sea Storm Women Halloween Costume. It includes a halter tie top with sea shell look and a high waist shorts with zip-up back closure and iridescent mermaid fins. No, there’s no tail on this one but the shorts with fins still make it look like you’re a creature of the sea.

mer 4.jpg

You may probably be thinking that these costumes are way too good and may be taking your pick already. But we’re not quite finished yet. Don’t forget your little ones because we have the mermaid costumes for your kids and toddlers.

If you love mermaids, then there’s no doubt little girls love them too. We have the perfect costumes for your little fish-wanna-be kids. These costumes are comfy and great for kids. Just like this Magical Mermaid Girls Deluxe Halloween Costume includes sequin trimmed gown with iridescent organza fin and shell bodice detail, ruffled arm bands and sequined mermaid headpiece. It’s adorable and fancy at the same time. Seriously, what more could your little girl ask for? They will definitely love this!

mer 5.jpg

Brace yourselves because our last featured costume will probably be the most adorable thing you will see today. A toddler in a mermaid costume? Not quite. But it still has mermaid details all over it. Ariel, one of Disney’s princesses, might just be the most well-known mermaid icons. She’s pretty, has a beautiful voice and is obsessed with anything that has to do with the human world. If you let your toddler watch The Little Mermaid, you may already notice her react to Ariel like singing and playing along. And yes, that’s a sign that your little girl is an Ariel fan already. That is why we have this Toddler Ariel Little Mermaid Halloween Costume which is an Ariel themed dress perfectly comfortable and suitable for babies. It comes with a dress with layered skirt that has a shell-shaped top and character cameo.

mer 6.jpg

These costumes are only a few of the many mermaid costumes we have in store just for you. There are many more costume options you can choose from. It will be easy finding one that would fit your taste and the event you’re going to. So don’t forget to check out more at our online store. Getting your own mermaid costume is now just a mouse click away.


Let the mermaid magic begin! The legend may say that a mermaid’s kiss can give you gills but there’s no need to wait for that when you can transform into a mermaid right now. All you need is the right costume, a great makeup and hairdo, maybe some fancy accessories and you are good to go! With great costumes, the possibilities are endless. Become who you want to be, anytime and anywhere. It’s a great way to express your wildest fantasies.

Shop now at The Costume Land. We only have the best for you!

Warcraft: Let The Enemies Unite 0

Posted on May 12, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Ever since the game release of Warcraft, it has garnered a number of fans. Millions of people have indulged in this addictive game and until today, its popularity continue to live on. Blizzard has now released a new movie that is set to be released this 10th of June 2016. Unsurprisingly, a number of people are excited to see it. Although there are skeptics about whether the movie will be great or turn into a big flop, it will still capture the attention and interests of many. The trailers released has shown how gorgeous this movie will be so even if you’re not a gamer, you would still definitely want to see it.

If you don’t know anything about Warcraft, let’s go over some details of the movie based on the trailer.

Azeroth is on the verge of war as the human civilization faces serious problems from a different race of invaders. And with the world of the orcs slowly dying, it is posing serious threats to the extinction of their kind. The humans and the orcs have been in conflict and yet these two enemies will unite to face an even greater threat to their worlds. The question is, who will approve of this union between enemies? Who is the real enemy, anyway? And who is the hero? Will they be able to save their races?

A great storyline is the backbone of every movie but before anyone can judge it, there are still a lot of aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Setting aside all of the other aspects such as script, actors, music and many more, in a fantasy movie like Warcraft, everyone would agree that costume design is vital. It’s not just about the visual satisfaction but costumes also show the nature of the role of the actor. There may be certain details in costumes that we tend to overlook which we should actually learn to appreciate more.

The Warcraft movie certainly have challenging costumes that may give serious headaches to DIY enthusiasts. This is why The Costume Land has high quality costumes that are designed to wow every customer. Don’t worry. You can still do touch ups to level it up if your hands just want to do more crafts to give your costume that extra “umph!”

So without any further ado, let’s check these amazing costumes out so you can start thinking which one should you get. A friendly reminder though, think it carefully. Coming up with a decision may be difficult because all of these costumes are just plain awesome!

Sir Anduin Lothar is known as the Lion of Azeroth. He is a knight of the Alliance and is the last true descendant of the ancient Arathi lineage. This charming yet brave and loyal man has sacrificed a great deal to keep the kingdom he belongs in safe. With his admiring character, it is sure that he has quite the number of fans. So for all you Lothar fans out there, you can try out this Lothar Muscle Deluxe Men costume which includes a jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, belt with apron and detachable shoulder pieces. Medium and extra large sizes are available. Work on a little scruff there and you would look just like him.


Lothar served in the army of King Llane Wrynn who is the ruler of the Stormwind Kingdom. He was a gracious ruler and was considered the beacon of hope by his people. King Llane is one of the few who does not think that the Orcs are simply beasts going out to rage and destroy. He thinks that the orcs deserve to be shown sympathy. A character like King Llane is the type who gains adoring fans. How could you not love someone who shows a lot of compassion and kindness? So if you are a fan, you might find this King Llane Deluxe Men Muscle Costume interesting. This product comes with a jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, belt with apron and detachable shoulder pieces. This also comes in medium and extra large sizes. You seriously have to look at the details of this costume. It is absolutely a must-buy!


Last, but certainly not the least, character we have for our Warcraft set of costumes is none other than the great orc, Durotan. He was the chieftain of the exiled Frostwolf Clan. Durotan’s mission is to save his people along with his family from destruction. Many might find a Durotan costume tricky to make, especially when it comes to the details. You don’t need to make everything yourself. We have this Durotan Deluxe Muscle Men costume that comes in complete with jumpsuit that has muscle torso and arms, a detachable skull piece and vinyl mask. With the right accessories, anyone can nail this Durotan costume.


Based from the trailer alone, we can be pretty sure that a lot of people is already hyped to see this movie. You can already see from the trailer that the movie looks amazing and it would seem that a lot of work has been done to put this movie together. What’s most interesting about it is that in this movie, the orcs and the humans, who are known to be enemies, are going to join forces making it unclear who the real antagonist to the story is.

The Warcraft movie looks like it is going to be big. You may already anticipate people buying Warcraft shirts, caps, tumblers and other merchandise but nothing would beat the coolness of being one of the first to get their hands on Warcraft costumes. Even though some may have never played the game before, the movie is guaranteed to reap more fans. Young or adult, gamer or not, this movie has success in its future so don’t let yourself miss out.

Next time you hit the Comic con or a cosplay event or even just an ordinary costume party, be sure you are in the trend with the latest and hottest costumes and accessories. The Costume Land has them all for you and it will be our greatest pleasure to help you fulfill your wildest fantasies through costume role playing. Stay updated and visit us more often. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Enjoy shopping!

Dawn of Justice: Who’s The Real Hero? 0

Posted on May 09, 2016 by halloweencostumes

What does it take to know who the real superhero is?

Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice finally hits the screen and we couldn’t be more excited to see these two heroes face off. The fight between Batman and Superman is probably one of the most anticipated superhero face-off of all time. Who will win? Who is stronger? Who is the true hero? Some may find themselves in the middle of debates because people keep saying, “Batman will win.” and others will disagree by saying, “Superman is stronger.” There really is no answer to that question until you watch the movie, right? If you are one of those people who are so eager to show your support in this super epic battle, there can be ways to express them. These ways will sure shame your opponent in possibly the most badass way.

Let’s ask ourselves first. What kind of superfan are you if you don’t have a costume of your favorite superhero? You probably have every comic book, every movie, action figure, T-shirt, bag, bed sheet, probably even a pair of underwear and all of the other collector’s items but why don’t you have a costume yet? Not to worry though because The Costume Land has practically all of your costume needs. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or whoever your favorite superhero is. You can find every costume here. Why don’t you check out some of of our products, right here, right now.

Let’s go!

Superman, the alien who came to earth, has the strength and power to destroy mankind yet chose to protect it. Well, we have to give credits to the couple who raised him right or else he could have been a supervillain we really wouldn’t want to face. He is someone who has the true heart of a hero because knowing the unexplainable things he can do with his powers, he has led a life dedicated to fully control his powers so that he cannot harm innocent people and use his powers for good. Now that’s a hero! So for all of you superfans out there, we’ve got the most awesome Superman costume you will ever see.

We’ve got the latest of the latest and these costumes will bring out the super in you. This is the Superman Dawn of Justice Men Deluxe Costume complete with a muscle padded jumpsuit with 3D Boot tops attached. Yes, it’s muscle padded so you can get away with missing out a workout session. It also comes with a cape to complete the whole look.


For kids who wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun, we’ve got something for you too! We know that no fan can be bigger than little kids. That’s why we don’t want these aspiring heroes to get left behind. Like the adult costume, this Superman Muscle Deluxe Boys Dawn of Justice Costume come with a padded muscle jumpsuit with attached 3D boot tops and cape.


Get these costumes and there will be nothing more you need other than bringing out the spirit of a hero in you. You’d sure be ready to fight every crime just like your favorite heroes.

Now that we’ve mentioned Superman, let’s talk about…

“I’m Batman.”

There’s no denying that one of the great things about Batman is that he is an unconventional superhero. He acts and thinks like a villain but his heart is pure as gold and that’s not just because he’s filthy rich. Slipping away in the dark, he has proven himself a hero despite not having super human abilities. The combination of knowledge, skills and athleticism, not to mention his crazy wealth which gave him access to incredibly powerful weapons, gave Batman the capability of getting any job done. If you feel like you can be Batman too, then we have the costume for you. This Batman Dawn of Justice Men Deluxe Costume comes complete with muscle padded jumpsuit with 3D gauntlets and 3D boot tops attached. It also comes with a belt, cape and mask.

Of course, we have one alike for the kiddies too. We know they won’t let you have the fun all to yourself. That’s why we have the Batman Muscle Deluxe Boys Dawn of Justice Costume which also includes padded jumpsuit with 3D gauntlets and 3D boot tops attached, belt, cape and mask.

Add a touch of attitude with these costumes and you’re sure to catch people’s eyes. How could they not be impressed with these awesome costumes? Yes, you’re doing all the cool poses but hey, you can’t disagree that these costumes are right on point!

We know loads of male superheroes who have blown us away with their awesomeness but no other hero can overtake our hearts like a female superhero. Seriously, what could be cooler than a chick kicking some evil butt? Although the list for female superheroes may not be that long, there is no other female superhero more famous than Wonder Woman. This Amazonian warrior princess turned hero has proven that women can be anything like men, brave and strong. (And even more!) She is the kind of woman that deserves to be admired. So for all of you ladies who are inspired by her, you would love this Wonder Woman Adult Deluxe Dawn of Justice Costume. It’s complete with a top, skirt with attached short, a tiara, armband, glovelets and boot tops. You have to admit, this costume is totally fabulous.

Sure enough, there are little girls out there who admire Wonder Woman and dream of growing up to be as strong and brave as her. Little Wonder Woman fans will look great in this Wonder Woman Girls Deluxe Dawn of Justice Costume that includes a dress, belt, tiara, gauntlets, armbands and shin guards. Now, this is cuteness taken to a super level!


You can complete your Wonder Woman get up with these accessories which are also available in store. We have Wonder Woman Shield, wig, sword and more. There are ones for kids too!


Bring out the superhero in you with these amazing costumes. You may not be fighting real crime but the idea that these superheroes inspire people to continually do good is something every superhero fan should be proud of. You may still not be over about who’s the better hero and that may be a question that can never be answered. But, it’s not really about who’s better or who’s stronger. It’s about who is closest to our hearts more. Every hero has their own capabilities and they are each unique and their uniqueness is what makes them admirable.

There’s more to being a superhero than just dressing up. The Costume Land is dedicated to providing the best costumes for every fan out there. All costumes are of great quality and are licensed products so you can be rest assured that you are only getting the best. You can visit us more often so you can see the latest costumes and accessories we have in store for you. The only question you have to ask yourself, “Who can I be today?”

Express yourself through costumes! Enter a whole new world to be in the place where you feel you truly belong.

Happy shopping!


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