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2016 Sassy Women’s Costumes: Costumes with No Compromise

Posted on May 23, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Costume parties and events are one of the most enjoyable things to participate in. Who doesn’t enjoy being able to dress up in whatever character or personality you like, right? Men and women of all ages love to dress in different characters whether they are from movies, games, comic books, or in anything wearable you can think of. Sure, there are a lot of crazy ideas that people can get. There are certain rules that should be followed in wearing costumes. Number one rule: Don’t wear anything awkward. For a laugh, people can come up with the craziest costumes ideas like wearing something as awkward as a pad with blood costume. Seriously, don’t be that guy. A lot of these costumes can get out of hand but we all know that the guys come up with these silly stuff. Women are a lot more into fashion. The question is can you really combine fashion and costumes together?

Wearing costumes are tricky enough as it is. Staying in character and pulling off a great costume comes with a lot of effort from the wearer. You can’t just put something on and hope to look good. Costumes don’t work that way. Not at least if you want to be the star of the party. Women love to get attention when they are in something new. Wearing a costume and staying fashionable can be tricky but is absolutely possible. With the right choice, your next costume party can be your catwalk and you can strut it out in the most glamorous costume ever.

The first and most vital step in costume role playing is the decision making. What costume should you wear? Should you play a character from a movie? Like a cartoon character?  Or could you just whip something up then see what happens? There can be a lot of options which makes it even harder to make that one right choice. The best way to deal with this problem is by first asking yourself, “In what type of clothes do I feel most comfortable in?” Some women enjoy baring it all but some like to stay conservative. There are also women who are just, well, in between. Nothing is worse for a woman to be forced into wearing something she’s not comfortable in. That would lead to a deplorable fashion disaster.

So we are going to check out some of the latest costumes that we have in store. We will show you a few of the most stylish costumes so we can help you out in picking the right one for you. After all, who loves dressing up more than women do?

Are you into being the bad girl? Nothing can be hotter than women showing some attitude and a lot of guys (even other gals) find it really sexy. How would you feel about a gangster girl? Pretty cool, huh? So is this costume! Check out our Machine Gun Molly Gangster Woman Halloween Costume which includes suspender dress with button accents, peplum skirt, money armband, and dollar sign tie. This costume is stylish yet says enough to let people know they’re in trouble.

If there are bad girls, there are definitely good ones too. Don’t we always compare women of beauty to a goddess? Why not tell it straight to people that “Hey, I’m a goddess.” with this Glam Goddess Women Halloween Costume. This comes with a one shoulder dress, headband, armband and rope belt. It’s simple but you will certainly kill it with your pretty face and divine presence.

Nothing is more powerful and admiring than an independent woman with a career. Maybe that’s why costumes of professions like nurses, policemen, soldier and the likes are a big hit. For those who are into role playing with costumes like the ones mentioned, then you will definitely love this Mile High Maiden Women Navy Officer Deluxe Halloween Costume which comes in inclusive of a navy blue tube dress with zipper front, hat and scarf. Like come on, look at how fabulous this costume is. It’s like an actual uniform but with a sexy, stylish twist.

Geek women? Yes, there’s such a thing. If men can enjoy video games, superheroes and the fantasy of a futuristic world, women can enjoy such things too. So if you’re leaning towards the geeky side but don’t completely want to look like a nerd with your costume, then we have the perfect costume for you. Check out how cool this Futuristic Fashion Woman Jumpsuit Costume is. The black and silver jumpsuit makes it look like you are from the future but still has its sleekness to it. Imagine the jaws that will drop when people see you in this sexy nerdy costume.

All of the above are some pretty good ideas but we will not end this until we show even a few plus sized costumes that will burn your curves with hotness! Curvy is the new sexy and with the little extra plus sized women have, boldness and style is a sure to be spot on in these sassy costumes.

Take your costume role playing level to skies! Our Mile High Pilot Woman Plus Halloween Costume comes with a dress with a jacket overlay and peplum skirt, belt, neck tie and matching captain hat. Now that’s what you call costume taken to extreme heights.

You may think that animal costumes are becoming too mainstream. Well, we have an animal costume that might change your mind. This Curvy Bunny Woman Plus Halloween Costume is a show stopper. Cute and sassy but hot! It includes a body hugging shaper dress with molded underwire cups and glitter tulle skirt, cuffs, pin on tail and bendable ear headband. Whoever said that bunny costumes are just for skinny girls can hop their shamed asses away because this is the real deal.

There are many more great costumes we have in store. Don’t let style be sacrificed for you to rock an awesome costume. Let others keep their crazy costumes. Fashionable women can keep their flair no matter the occasion, no matter the event. With glamorous costumes The Costume Land has in store for you, you can maintain pizzazz regardless of whatever you wear.

So for the love of fashion, stay stylish.

Happy shopping, ladies!


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