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Circus Costumes: Let the Fun Never End

Posted on May 31, 2016 by halloweencostumes

When it comes to fun and exciting activities, there are many things you can do with the family that will surely make every vacation or even just a weekend extraordinary. The list of fun stuff to do may be endless but there is one thing that will surely spark the interest especially when you know where to go to find the most amazing and rare sights. Have you ever seen a really flexible woman jump her way across the room through swings? How about a guy who could shove down a whole sword down his throat without any harm? Or what about a performer balancing his way up on different objects 10 feet high above the ground? Where else could you find breathtaking performances like that other than the circus?

Historically, circuses were famous because of the rarity of the acts you can find. Some circuses also feature people with unbelievable capabilities or physical appearance or animals trained to do the most amusing things. The things you can see in circuses are really amazing and talking about the possibilities, well, they are endless. If you are amused and have grown to enjoy these types of shows, you might also enjoy our amazing array of circus costumes.

Let’s check them out!

If you have been to a circus event, then you may be very well familiar with the ringmaster or the ring mistress. You may be familiar with the traditional line of circus ringmasters that goes, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…” which is always said in a particularly dramatic fashion. It’s the job of the ringmaster or ring mistress to keep the audience’s attention to the act that is being performed. We have a ringmaster costume for women that has been added with a little twist of sexiness. This is the Ravishing Ringmaster Woman Halloween Costume which includes a top hat, whip, strapless romper with tails and chain detail and shoulder pads with fringe. If you are the ringmaster and you are wearing something like this, guaranteed, the audience’s attention will never be off of you.

So there’s the ringmaster, introducing the first act of the night. The lights dim and a spotlight turns on the middle of closed curtains. There’s something behind the curtains and it’s quite interesting. The curtains open and reveal.. Wait. Is that a monkey?

Yes, monkeys are very common attractions in circuses and they are really adorable especially when they wear nice little costumes. Well, they are smart creatures and training them to do fantastic tricks may not be that hard. But let’s admit it, seeing a cute monkey doing tricks is amusing for anyone, young or old. Sure the monkey is cute but surely, you can be as cute too if you wear this Wind Up Monkey Woman Halloween Costume. This costume includes a velvet petticoat dress with fleece monkey ear hood and attached fez hat, long monkey tail and attached turn key detail. It will make you look like a toy monkey but you are actually a real monkey with awesome tricks in mind.

In the circus, you will find other people and animals doing the craziest stuff. There are some people who are skeptic about the fun clowns bring. Well, you would have to admit that there are creepy clowns but this next costume might just change your mind about them. What would you say to a hot and sexy clown? Oh yes, you’re smiling. You like the idea, don’t you. Brace yourself for this Delightful Circus Clown Woman Halloween Costume which comes with a satin garter teddy with glitter polka dot peplum skirt and lace applique accent, ruffle neck piece, arm cuffs and a matching clown hat. Now that’s one sexy clown right there. If you’re this kind of clown, it’s a guarantee people will come flocking to see you.

We’ve got another clown costume for women and it is changing the image of clowns even more. If you found the first one sexy, then this will burn your eyes out because damn, it’s just too hot! Check out this even sexier twist to clown costumes called the Lusty Laughter Women Sexy Clown Halloween Costume. Cute, sassy and sexy clown costume that comes with a bodysuit, tutu with bell details and ears. This is not your typical clown costume but it definitely does the trick. (Get it?)

We have two more circus costumes we want you to see not because they are for you but because they would look adorable on your kids. These kids circus costumes are great for any occasion and we’re sure they will love them.

You have seen our sexy twist to the clown costumes, why not a hint of cuteness this time? If you want to see your kids transform into the most adorable little clowns then this is the costume you’re looking for. Check out this Girls Tickles The Clown Circus Halloween Costume which comes with a dress and bloomers.

All you need is a few more accessories to it like the pink tights, a neon pink wig with ponies, white gloves and some circus toe toppers which can all be found in store. Don’t get too carried away with the cuteness. Remember, makeup is what makes their cheeks pink, not your constant pinching. It’s hard but you have to resist the cuteness.

With their loud voices, let your little boys take over the show and make them the ringmaster. We have the perfect Boys Ring Master Circus Halloween Costume. It comes with a top hat, tail coat with epaulets attached and matching pants. This costume is spot on!

We hope you enjoyed today’s featured costumes. You can visit our website, for more costumes and accessories. All of our products are licensed and we guarantee the best quality and value for your money. Visit us often to see what’s new and what’s on sale!

Enjoy your shopping at The Costume Land!


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