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Dawn of Justice: Who’s The Real Hero?

Posted on May 09, 2016 by halloweencostumes

What does it take to know who the real superhero is?

Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice finally hits the screen and we couldn’t be more excited to see these two heroes face off. The fight between Batman and Superman is probably one of the most anticipated superhero face-off of all time. Who will win? Who is stronger? Who is the true hero? Some may find themselves in the middle of debates because people keep saying, “Batman will win.” and others will disagree by saying, “Superman is stronger.” There really is no answer to that question until you watch the movie, right? If you are one of those people who are so eager to show your support in this super epic battle, there can be ways to express them. These ways will sure shame your opponent in possibly the most badass way.

Let’s ask ourselves first. What kind of superfan are you if you don’t have a costume of your favorite superhero? You probably have every comic book, every movie, action figure, T-shirt, bag, bed sheet, probably even a pair of underwear and all of the other collector’s items but why don’t you have a costume yet? Not to worry though because The Costume Land has practically all of your costume needs. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or whoever your favorite superhero is. You can find every costume here. Why don’t you check out some of of our products, right here, right now.

Let’s go!

Superman, the alien who came to earth, has the strength and power to destroy mankind yet chose to protect it. Well, we have to give credits to the couple who raised him right or else he could have been a supervillain we really wouldn’t want to face. He is someone who has the true heart of a hero because knowing the unexplainable things he can do with his powers, he has led a life dedicated to fully control his powers so that he cannot harm innocent people and use his powers for good. Now that’s a hero! So for all of you superfans out there, we’ve got the most awesome Superman costume you will ever see.

We’ve got the latest of the latest and these costumes will bring out the super in you. This is the Superman Dawn of Justice Men Deluxe Costume complete with a muscle padded jumpsuit with 3D Boot tops attached. Yes, it’s muscle padded so you can get away with missing out a workout session. It also comes with a cape to complete the whole look.


For kids who wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun, we’ve got something for you too! We know that no fan can be bigger than little kids. That’s why we don’t want these aspiring heroes to get left behind. Like the adult costume, this Superman Muscle Deluxe Boys Dawn of Justice Costume come with a padded muscle jumpsuit with attached 3D boot tops and cape.


Get these costumes and there will be nothing more you need other than bringing out the spirit of a hero in you. You’d sure be ready to fight every crime just like your favorite heroes.

Now that we’ve mentioned Superman, let’s talk about…

“I’m Batman.”

There’s no denying that one of the great things about Batman is that he is an unconventional superhero. He acts and thinks like a villain but his heart is pure as gold and that’s not just because he’s filthy rich. Slipping away in the dark, he has proven himself a hero despite not having super human abilities. The combination of knowledge, skills and athleticism, not to mention his crazy wealth which gave him access to incredibly powerful weapons, gave Batman the capability of getting any job done. If you feel like you can be Batman too, then we have the costume for you. This Batman Dawn of Justice Men Deluxe Costume comes complete with muscle padded jumpsuit with 3D gauntlets and 3D boot tops attached. It also comes with a belt, cape and mask.

Of course, we have one alike for the kiddies too. We know they won’t let you have the fun all to yourself. That’s why we have the Batman Muscle Deluxe Boys Dawn of Justice Costume which also includes padded jumpsuit with 3D gauntlets and 3D boot tops attached, belt, cape and mask.

Add a touch of attitude with these costumes and you’re sure to catch people’s eyes. How could they not be impressed with these awesome costumes? Yes, you’re doing all the cool poses but hey, you can’t disagree that these costumes are right on point!

We know loads of male superheroes who have blown us away with their awesomeness but no other hero can overtake our hearts like a female superhero. Seriously, what could be cooler than a chick kicking some evil butt? Although the list for female superheroes may not be that long, there is no other female superhero more famous than Wonder Woman. This Amazonian warrior princess turned hero has proven that women can be anything like men, brave and strong. (And even more!) She is the kind of woman that deserves to be admired. So for all of you ladies who are inspired by her, you would love this Wonder Woman Adult Deluxe Dawn of Justice Costume. It’s complete with a top, skirt with attached short, a tiara, armband, glovelets and boot tops. You have to admit, this costume is totally fabulous.

Sure enough, there are little girls out there who admire Wonder Woman and dream of growing up to be as strong and brave as her. Little Wonder Woman fans will look great in this Wonder Woman Girls Deluxe Dawn of Justice Costume that includes a dress, belt, tiara, gauntlets, armbands and shin guards. Now, this is cuteness taken to a super level!


You can complete your Wonder Woman get up with these accessories which are also available in store. We have Wonder Woman Shield, wig, sword and more. There are ones for kids too!


Bring out the superhero in you with these amazing costumes. You may not be fighting real crime but the idea that these superheroes inspire people to continually do good is something every superhero fan should be proud of. You may still not be over about who’s the better hero and that may be a question that can never be answered. But, it’s not really about who’s better or who’s stronger. It’s about who is closest to our hearts more. Every hero has their own capabilities and they are each unique and their uniqueness is what makes them admirable.

There’s more to being a superhero than just dressing up. The Costume Land is dedicated to providing the best costumes for every fan out there. All costumes are of great quality and are licensed products so you can be rest assured that you are only getting the best. You can visit us more often so you can see the latest costumes and accessories we have in store for you. The only question you have to ask yourself, “Who can I be today?”

Express yourself through costumes! Enter a whole new world to be in the place where you feel you truly belong.

Happy shopping!


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