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Disney Kids: Let the Fun Never Cease

Posted on May 20, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Isn’t it amazing how amusing kids can be? To make them happy is not the hardest job in the world. Sometimes, all you need is to do is be as goofy as you can be as if you’re in their shoes. Kids love to have fun. Play is a priority for them and for parents, it keeps them preoccupied while mommy and daddy’s busy with grown up stuff. You can have all the types of toys in your home for your kids to play with but nothing beats a family time watching a movie together with them. Ideally, you would imagine an evening during the weekends when everyone’s not busy with anything and there’s time for leisure which is why you choose to bond with your kids. You sit in the family room couch, dim the lights and watch a movie or a TV show together with your kids. There are so many options of things to watch that both you and your kids will enjoy. One suggestion? Watch cartoons. And no, it’s wrong to say that only kids enjoy cartoons. It’s just a myth. First fact that you need to know about cartoons is that not all cartoons are solely for the enjoyment of kids. Second, not all cartoons are appropriate for kids. But that’s the great thing about cartoons, they are versatile. They can be for kids, for adults or both for kids and adults. Surely enough, you’ll find a good choice for that nice evening you have in mind to spend with your kids.

Speaking of cartoons…

Disney has been around making kids happy since heaven know when. They have been around for more than 90 years. Pretty sure, a lot of us grew up with classic Disney movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo, Fantasia, Bambi, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book and many, many more. Feeling nostalgic? But even as the years went by, Disney has continued to create the best animated movies and TV series for kids. Sometimes, even adults can indulge in the fun as well. Disney’s creations has always been able to tickle kids’ and adults’ funny bone. Their clever way of portraying various characters has fit almost everyone’s taste. Everyone has their own favorite characters. Remember the rise to fame of the movie Frozen? Almost every little girl’s favorite character is Elsa making the previous Halloweens seem nothing but an event for the Frozen movie. Every time a little girl knock on your door, you could already guess that it’s Elsa who came to your house trick or treating. But your kids don’t have to have a limited choice of characters. The Costume Land has a wide variety of costumes and your kids, even you, would enjoy taking a pick.

Let’s see what Disney kids costumes we have.

First of all, since we’re talking Disney here, let’s start off with the most iconic Disney character. You’ve guessed it. Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Mickey. Who doesn’t know this cute mouse in red shorts and yellow shoes? Mickey is one of the oldest Disney characters who first made his debut in the year 1928. Yes, he’s pretty old but he never gets too old for kids to enjoy. You can get this Mickey Mouse Boys Deluxe for your little boy. It comes with a bodysuit with attached jacket, bow tie, and character hood.


For girls, of course, we have Minnie Mouse. She is Mickey’s love interest and characterized as playful and flirtatious. She is also very cute. Surely, you would agree with that. We always enjoyed watching Mickey woo Minnie Mouse and help her in times of her distress. They are an absolutely fun duo. So if your kids love Minnie, they will also love this Kids Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume which comes with dress with sequined inset, an attached sash, Minnie Mouse Headband with ears and bow.


It’s out with the old and the new is now in. If your kids have been watching Disney Junior, I bet they would find the next costumes interesting. Why don’t you try to ask them if they know Dr. McStuffins? Or how about Sofia the First? Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates? Yes, we have costumes for all of them!

Dr. McStuffins is famous with kids. And yours love her, they may be saying already that they want to be a doctor. Dr. McStuffins is the nicest and most loving pet vet in the world. She always finds a solution and with the help of her good friends, she always manages to save the day and get rid of boo boos. Our Doc Mcstuffins Pet Vet Girls Halloween Costume comes with a dress, vest, leggings, headband and toy stethoscope.


Sofia the First is the first Disney princess to be a little girl. We know a lot of Disney princesses like Ariel, Cinderella, Belle and Snow White but all of these princesses were of teenage years. Sofia is the first child princess and what’s interesting about her is that she was just an ordinary girl until her mom married the king, making her a princess. As a new princess, she needs to learn all that there is to being a princess. Sofia is now a very famous princess among little girls so surely, yours probably is a fan too. Your little girl would love this Sofia Tutu Deluxe Girls Halloween Costume which comes with a dress with attached character cameo and tiara.

Let’s move on to more boys costumes. As mentioned earlier, we have Captain Jake in our list. Captain Jake is one boy who is always up for adventure just as he always says, “Yo ho! Let’s go!” Although Captain Hook tries to get in their way, nothing can stop Captain Jake and his crew. Finding treasures and going on adventures will always be their goal. Dress you little boy like Captain Jake with this Captain Jake Deluxe Pirate Boys Halloween Costume which includes includes a jumpsuit with attached jacket and belt, hat, detachable buckle, and pair of boot covers.

These are only our featured costumes but there are tons more choices at our online store. You can dress up your kid in any character they want. Their imagination is the only limit. Let them explore more of their personalities and interest through costumes. The fun will never end for you and your kids. Gather everyone up and make every party a costume party because with all these choices, you just can’t stop trying out more.

Stay young. Stay fun.

Have a happy shopping at The Costume Land!


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