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Rich History of Renaissance Clothing

Posted on May 27, 2016 by halloweencostumes

There are many things admirable about history and by looking back at the past to where it led us today, it is fascinating to see the transition. Ideas, concepts, knowledge, events and people that have all contributed to the world we are living in today. The progress from riding horses and carriages to riding automated vehicles, from snail mail to email, from telegrams to cellular phones, all would be impossible without the work of exceptional people from our world’s rich history. If you are fond of history, then you may be very much familiar with the Renaissance.

The Renaissance period is popular not just in its history but also in many aspects such as art, science, music, religion and fashion. This was the time when Europe had gone through its cultural transition between the Middle Ages and modern history. Art may be one of the most popular things about the Renaissance with its distinguishing feature of the development of highly realistic linear perspective. It was also during this time when printing was invented and it lead to huge progress in science as it allowed ideas and knowledge to spread faster to large groups of people. Science was not the only one that made significant progress during this time because of the invention of printing. Music spread on a wider scale which caused the emerge of demand for music for entertainment and educational purposes.

There are many things interesting about the Renaissance but one of which is their fashion. Clothing during the Renaissance period was not just fancy business. They take it so seriously that they even have laws and rules who gets to wear this and who is not allowed to wear that. Well, you know things are pretty serious when the government is involved. During this time, clothes were not just something you wear, they are a status symbol. The laws and rules exist because nobles don’t want peasants to be seen wearing the same clothes as them therefore they are forbidden to wear fancy clothes, own silk and other things that rich people possess. It was believed that clothes are the people’s treasure because most of their money are being spent on clothes and this helps them maintain a reputation of wealth and riches.

Women during the Renaissance value appearance. Blond hair was considered a trend and white complexion is ideal. This is why women wear hats and veils to keep them from getting tanned in the sun. They are often seen wearing long dresses with high waist and puffy sleeves and elaborately bright gowns. Look at these costumes we have. This one is the Designer Anne Boleyn Women Deluxe Halloween Costume which includes a gold trimmed headpiece with attached veil, long gown with brocade inset and highly decorative arm sleeves with the lace up back.


If you are looking for a very fitting Renaissance costume for an event or play, this is a pretty good example. If you check the details, it is a high waist long gown with puffy sleeves plus a headpiece with a veil, to keep you from the sun. During the Renaissance, clothes were embroidered with gold and silver threads with designs that depict nature, legends or religion.

Fur was considered valuable during the Renaissance. There were areas in Europe wherein only the nobles are allowed to wear them. If you desire to look like a noble from the Renaissance period, we have the costume for you. This Medieval Lady Renaissance Women Designer Deluxe Halloween Costume comes with a long flowing gown with long flowing sleeves and fur trim.The headpiece has a sheer veil and fur trim. This is a perfect example of Renaissance nobility displayed through clothing.

Now wigs were also a popular trend during the Renaissance period. The hair strands used in the wigs came from peasants. This was extremely popular especially with the women. We have Renaissance wigs as well. You might like these: Renaissance Women Wig and Marie Antoinette Women Wig

Women also love jewelry. They match their expensive gowns with priceless jewelry. Many have their jewelries made with gold and are ornamented with the finest jewels such as pearls and sapphires. Diamonds were also common to find among the rich people during this time. Like clothes, there are laws on who can own and wear a diamond. These things, like silk, cannot be bought or owned by peasants thus giving a clear line of distinction between the rich and the poor.

As for men, there is really not much difference. They still wear the same lavish clothing with gold and silver threads for embroidery, intricate designs and expensive materials. It is common for men to be wearing skirt, a hose, jacket, robe, doublet and beret. They wear colorful tights or stocking with a shirt and a tight fitting coat called a doublet. It was also common for men to wear hats. An example we have for a Renaissance men costume is this Designer Venetian Count Deluxe Men Halloween Costume which includes a finely detailed, premium quality, highly decorative gold trimmed jacket with lace lined sleeves, vest, jabot and pants. Men during the Renaissance period value their looks as much as women do. As mentioned earlier, clothes are a status symbol. The fancier your clothes are, the richer you look. To maintain that reputation of nobility, people had to live up to their image as high class by showing it to the public. What better way to flaunt that you’re wealthy other than wearing the most expensive and beautiful clothes?

All these interesting details about the fashion during the Renaissance history is certainly no match for what we have today. They give so much attention to their looks and it is no wonder that this is a subject talked about whenever Renaissance is discussed.

If you are fascinated by this rich history of fashion in the Renaissance, check out our store for more costumes. There are a lot of items to choose from and whether you’re using them for an event, a party, a play or for any other occasion, we have all the right costumes and accessories in store for you. Go to to see more.

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