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4 Reasons to Let Your Child Choose a Halloween Costume

Posted on August 24, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Kids are usually the stars of Halloween because no grown up goes go door to door to trick and treat for candy. So when it comes to finding costumes during Halloween, it’s usually all about the kids. It’s both a blessing and a curse to have tons of options when choosing a Halloween costume for your kids. You may be thinking that choosing the costume yourself may be best since you are the one who knows that budget and a feasible time frame to complete it. But this does not necessarily make things easier because if your child will not want to wear the costume you picked out, all your efforts might just go to waste. You can let your child decide what he or she wants to wear for Halloween. Just make sure you let them know about the things that you are considering such as budget and  time in a way they can understand. Although you don’t have to directly tell them about it but you can guide them in choosing a costume.

“Sounds like that’s a lot of work.”

This may probably be ringing inside your head now. You are thinking that you may have busy schedule and by letting your kids decide, it might be a difficult negotiation between you and it worries you that you might not achieve things on time. This is why the idea is you guide them and help them decide what to choose. By doing so, you teach them valuable lessons about planning.

So here are:

4 Reasons to Let Your Child Choose a Halloween Costume:

1. It’s a great bonding time

Finding time for your kids may already be a tough thing to squeeze in to your busy schedule. By letting your child choose a costume and you guiding them, you can have short periods of time together. During this time, when you go out checking for items to consider or putting the costume together, you’re spending time with them. They may not be able to express it but kids can appreciate gestures like this. Mommy or Daddy spending time to look for a costume with them will make them feel valuable. Kids are smart and they can see you’re busy. By dedicating time to help them, they will see that what’s important for them is also important for you and they will appreciate that. Surely, your kid will love you more. But even if they can’t appreciate it just yet, the simple thought alone of being able to do things together should be enough to convince you that choosing a costume together is a great quality time for your kids.

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2. It will make them learn to appreciate hard work

You know that finding and putting together a costume takes lots of work. By letting your child be a part of the process, you are making them see that things don’t come easy. Therefore it teaches them that even this simple costume took hard work and effort so they should appreciate it. Don’t be afraid of things getting messed up. You might think that they will only distract you and make the work take longer than it should. If you start early enough, it’s not something to worry about. Instead, you can use this time to teach your child to value work and that they too have to work hard to get what they want.

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3. It will teach them to explore and be creative

Helping your kid decide what costume to pick gets their minds running. You can take time to sit down and discuss what your child wants and how you can achieve the costume in mind. There may be things that you have to buy and things that you have to create. Involve them in every step and it will not only teach them the value of work but will also make them creative. This will allow them to explore their tastes and by showing your interest, your child will see you respect his or her opinion. You wont even have to worry about bugging them to get the costume done because if it’s their choice, their interest will be there.

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4. It’s a fun activity

Finding a costume, putting it together and accomplishing everything will be a fun activity not just for your kids but for you as a parent as well. You got to spend time with your kids and teach them valuable lessons while doing it. You may both be tired but at the end of the day, you know you all had fun. It’s always a great idea to do fun activities together with your kids. After all, no one else could be more important than them. Your precious little ones will be happy and seeing the cute little smiles on their faces as they step out of the house bringing their buckets to start collecting treats will make you say that it was all worth it.

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Babies, toddlers or kids, no matter the age of your child, Halloween is a fun time for everyone. Don’t see it as a burden to again come up with a costume for this year. Make use of the time to create fun memories with your kids by involving them in every step of completing the costume. It can be a fun time for you and your kids to be able to spend time together. Your kids are one of the many things you treasure in life. Take every opportunity you can to show them you love and support them in everything they do.

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