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Mermaids: Entering the Wondrous World Under the Sea

Posted on May 16, 2016 by halloweencostumes

The seas cover a vast majority of the earth. The ocean is filled with wonders along with the creatures in it that is of all sorts, shapes and sizes. There is a wide number of amazing creatures that fill the ocean, both tame and wild. Although until today, what lies in the deepest parts of the ocean is a bigger mystery than what lies beyond the heavens. With that in mind, a lot can say that we are still innocent of the possibilities that are yet to be discovered. One of these possibilities is the existence of mermaids.

Mermaids are known creatures of mythology with the characteristics of a human but half of their lower body is of a fish. Although for those who are not into mythology would only have knowledge about them based on the fairytales and movies we watch. In them, we find the typical story of mermaids living under the sea and finding humans to be interesting creatures. But in some legends, mermaids are believed to be dark creatures with no good will towards humans. You may be familiar with legends that say mermaids sing in the ocean to lure men and drown them. There are also stories of mermaids which tell that they cause perilous events like floods, storms, shipwrecks and drownings. Mermaids are known all over the world and most ancient stories from different countries include at least one or two stories about them.

Dark creatures or not, we can all agree that there is something interesting about them. The possibility of human evolution splitting into land and water creatures gives an idea that mermaids might actually exist. This may be a mystery but there is no need to wait for evidence so you can indulge into the fascination of mermaids.

Enter the mermaid world with the amazing mermaid costumes we have for you!

A classic mermaid costume would include a tail and a shell top. We could also agree that a mermaid may probably have long hair. Surely, there’s no salon underwater. And yet, who knows? But if you just want to stick to the original mermaid look, we have the costumes for you. This Underwater Beauty Deluxe Mermaid Woman Halloween Costume comes with a bodysuit and mermaid tail. It’s a sexy and shiny mermaid costume which is perfect for any costume party. How could you not stand out in this amazing mermaid getup?

mermaid 1.jpgmermaid 2.jpg

If you don’t like to keep things simple and want something that will definitely make heads turn, you would absolutely love this costume. It stays classic but with a little bit of twist to it making it an absolute show stopping costume. This Sultry Sea Siren Mermaid Woman Halloween Costume is a gold, sparkly mermaid costume that comes with a shell-like bra top and a mermaid tail sequin skirt. Looking at it, there is without a doubt a mermaid costume taken to the next level.

mer 3.jpg

Sure, a mermaid tail is a must if you want to actually look like a mermaid. But there might be some women find it hard to move around with the tight tail costume around in their legs. It can be quite a challenge to pull off a great mermaid costume. But hey, if you’re so passionate about them, it’s definitely worth it. If you want to break the norm and come out in something unique but still want to look for a fishy looking costume that still says “Hey! I’m a mermaid!” with the additional mobility, you would appreciate this Mermaid Sea Storm Women Halloween Costume. It includes a halter tie top with sea shell look and a high waist shorts with zip-up back closure and iridescent mermaid fins. No, there’s no tail on this one but the shorts with fins still make it look like you’re a creature of the sea.

mer 4.jpg

You may probably be thinking that these costumes are way too good and may be taking your pick already. But we’re not quite finished yet. Don’t forget your little ones because we have the mermaid costumes for your kids and toddlers.

If you love mermaids, then there’s no doubt little girls love them too. We have the perfect costumes for your little fish-wanna-be kids. These costumes are comfy and great for kids. Just like this Magical Mermaid Girls Deluxe Halloween Costume includes sequin trimmed gown with iridescent organza fin and shell bodice detail, ruffled arm bands and sequined mermaid headpiece. It’s adorable and fancy at the same time. Seriously, what more could your little girl ask for? They will definitely love this!

mer 5.jpg

Brace yourselves because our last featured costume will probably be the most adorable thing you will see today. A toddler in a mermaid costume? Not quite. But it still has mermaid details all over it. Ariel, one of Disney’s princesses, might just be the most well-known mermaid icons. She’s pretty, has a beautiful voice and is obsessed with anything that has to do with the human world. If you let your toddler watch The Little Mermaid, you may already notice her react to Ariel like singing and playing along. And yes, that’s a sign that your little girl is an Ariel fan already. That is why we have this Toddler Ariel Little Mermaid Halloween Costume which is an Ariel themed dress perfectly comfortable and suitable for babies. It comes with a dress with layered skirt that has a shell-shaped top and character cameo.

mer 6.jpg

These costumes are only a few of the many mermaid costumes we have in store just for you. There are many more costume options you can choose from. It will be easy finding one that would fit your taste and the event you’re going to. So don’t forget to check out more at our online store. Getting your own mermaid costume is now just a mouse click away.


Let the mermaid magic begin! The legend may say that a mermaid’s kiss can give you gills but there’s no need to wait for that when you can transform into a mermaid right now. All you need is the right costume, a great makeup and hairdo, maybe some fancy accessories and you are good to go! With great costumes, the possibilities are endless. Become who you want to be, anytime and anywhere. It’s a great way to express your wildest fantasies.

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