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Space and Astronaut Costumes: The Sky is Not The Limit

Posted on June 29, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Did you know that all of space is silent? It’s funny how something so amazing could have such an interesting fact like that. Space continues to amaze us with its wonders and the surprises it brings. There are still so many undiscovered parts but definitely with the advancement of technology, we will soon be able to learn more and hopefully, take advantage of what’s out there. Imagine if we had spaceports just as we have airports. We can travel from one habitable planet to another cruising the vast universe at the speed of light. When you learn more about our planet, Earth, you can say that there are already innumerable things that our wondrous about our planet. What more if you go outside where the possibilities are almost endless. The universe is after all, infinite. What lies beyond what we can see could open up to even more unimaginable things that are just waiting to be discovered. There is this human instinct that we find new things interesting. In one word, curiosity. We want to learn about new things and discover what it’s like to feel something we’ve never felt before, to see something we’ve never seen before, to hear something we’ve never heard before and to taste something we’ve never tasted before. Knowing that what waits in outer space are everything that is new only makes us become more fascinated and curious to see what’s actually out there, for real, not just in books or pictures.

Are you a big fan of the heavens? Have you ever wished you could take even just one trip and see what it’s like? To discover what it’s like to be weightless could be a fascinating new feeling. Wouldn’t it be great to be floating in space and not even feel that huge burger you just ate added a few more pounds to you? Seeing the earth from within is amazing but seeing it from outside would be breath-taking. To be so close to the moon you could almost touch it would be a sensational feeling. We know how much you want to get there but that may take time before it can actually happen. Not that it’s not going to happen because we know it’s definitely something we can hope for. So why not get a head start and prepare your outfit first? Let’s look into some amazing space and astronaut costumes that we have in store for you.

To become an astronaut is an amazing job. Although it comes with challenges and a drastic training to become one, we can be sure that we admire these people for the work they to help humanity get a step closer to new possibilities. You may not be a professional astronaut but we have the costume that will turn you into one! Check out this Men Astronaut Halloween Costume that comes with a helmet, white jumpsuit with silver metallic shoulder and ankle accents and a belt. A complete look for your outer space travel.

The costume above is for men but we have one for your little kiddos as well. This astronaut costume for boys will make them asking you to buy a spaceship for them. It is a great costume and this Blast Off Astronaut Halloween Costume comes in complete with a jumpsuit with a muscle torso and arms that has a logo print on the chest and sleeves, an attached black belt and also comes with a fabric printed helmet. Your child can now explore the cosmos in this cool astronaut costume.

We have some special designed costumes for the ladies that are not only the perfect space costume but will also make a statement that you truly came down from heaven because these costumes are divine. Check out this sexy twist on the astronaut jumpsuit attire. This Space Bound Hottie Woman Halloween Costume includes a catsuit with zip up closure, silver shoulder and hip pads and is made of poly and spandex fabric. It has an American flag badge on the chest. Its closed neck but the open chest design perfectly shows off your cleavage for a sexy, out of this world look.

This next costume perfectly shows that even the skies are not the limit for an extremely sexy space look. If you want to raise the temperature and make it feel like you are hotter than the sun, then this costume is for you. Take command with this Space Commander Woman Halloween Costume that will show off every heavenly piece in your body. It comes in complete with a romper with a sweetheart neckline that has an American flag patch and a detachable hoodie.

You can complete this look with the right accessories. Get yourself a pair of leggings and gloves to match your space costume. We have this Space Gloves White And Silver Adult and White And Silver Space Leggings which are perfect for this space costume. Although if you have a sexy costume already, these can work just as well.

You can take your space exploration dream now with the right costumes on hand. There are more amazing costumes that you can find in store. If your space fantasies include futuristic robots and alien life forms, there are available costumes in store and you can all find them here at The Costume Land. Be sure to check out our store for more costumes. We are sure that we have all your costume needs and accessories that even space itself have no escape at the great selections we have.

Happy shopping everyone!

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