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Power Ranger Dino Charge: It’s Morphing Time! 0

Posted on August 10, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Nickelodeon has been one of the most favorite channels for kids and why wouldn’t it be? They have amazing shows and they are all super fun and exciting for kids. Last February 2015, a show named, Power Rangers Dino Charge, first aired. A lot of you may already be familiar with Power Rangers. Some of you may even grew up watching Power Rangers. But now, they are back with new episodes and exciting adventures. As new threat arises for Earth, and possibly the entire universe, the Power Rangers are once again needed to protect it from evil.

Sixty-five million years ago, Energems, which are metal-tipped crystals which posses great powers of the universe, were given to ten dinosaurs on Earth to make sure that they are kept safe. These Energems were given to the dinosaurs by an alien named Keeper, who also happens to be the mentor of the Dino Charge Rangers. The Keeper is considered an enemy by Sledge, who is an intergalactic bounty hunter who seeks the Energems solely for his own selfish reasons. For that, Sledge is considered a threat. When he attempted to acquire the Energems, it lead to the extinction of the dinosaurs and the Energems were lost along with them. Sledge, who is still not happy to have the Energems, are back to look for them thus making him a threat since the Energems are lost here on Earth. That is how the Power Rangers are once again formed to make sure that they find the Energems before Sledge does. It is their job to make sure that Sledge won’t get away with his evil plans and they vow to risk their lives to fight him and other enemies with dino-powered swords, blasters, Zords and Megazords.

A story like this of dinosaur-power, aliens, fight between good and evil, is certainly something that kids would find interesting. If your kids are into Power Rangers Dino Charge then they will love these costumes of the main Power Ranger team. The main team comprises of Dino Charge Red Ranger, Dino Charge Black Ranger, Dino Charge Blue Ranger, Dino Charge Green Ranger, and Dino Charge Pink Ranger. Seems like you have quite the number of choices but as always, it’s best to stick to the ones that best fit your kids personality and one that they will enjoy being dressed up as. So without any further a do, let’s get to know the Dino Charge team!

Power Rangers Dino Charge Main Team:

1. Dino Charge Red Ranger

Tyler Navarro is the Red Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers and is sometimes also referred to as Tyrannosaurus Rex Power Ranger Red. Despite his sad history of losing his father in a cave expedition, Tyler is a free-spirit and enjoys seeing life as one big adventure. Tyler may sometimes be prone to show grudge against one of their enemies, Fury, who may have something to do with his father’s disappearance but his good heart always overpowers it. He is always curious, energetic and is fond of company of other people. Sometimes, he may be a bit childlike but there is no doubt that he has what it takes to be a leader. He can switch from being an immature teenager to a serious evil-fighting ranger. If you think your little one is as curious and energetic as Tyler, then he can certainly pull off this Red Power Ranger Dino Charge Muscle Boys Halloween Costume. Teach your kid the moves to transform and he will be looking like one badass evil-fighting ranger in this flaming Red Ranger costume.

2. Dino Charge Black Ranger

Black ranger? Sounds evil! Black is the color of the enemy, isn’t it? Well, not this guy. Because Chase Randall is a cool, laid-back dude with serious fighting skills. Chase Randall is the Black Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers. He is also referred to as the Parasaur Power Ranger Black. Chase is born in New Zealand and was given the Black Energem by a Maori fortune-teller. He is also the first to become a Dino Charge Ranger. Chase is your typical cool dude. He wears the right clothes, loves popular music and is usually looking pretty good. It’s not to wonder he’s famous among girls especially when he’s just around, riding his skateboard looking cool and awesome in his hoodie or playing with his guitar. Yes, definitely the type of guy girls love which is why he’s always distracted. Who wouldn’t be when you have all the girls swooning over you? Does your little boy have that appeal too? Then he might love to become a Black Ranger. Get him this Black Power Ranger Dino Charge Muscle Boys Halloween Costume. Nothing’s cooler than a hero in black, right?

3. Dino Charge Green Ranger

He is also known as the Velociraptor Power Ranger Green. He is Riley Griffin, the Green Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers. If a lot of heroes where chosen, well, Riley is different. He found the Green Energem in an unexpected encounter with Fury. Growing up in a ranch, Riley didn’t seem to feel he fit in. He doesn’t like getting dirty and is picky eater. He enjoys logic games and is considered a whiz kid. Quiet but confident, intelligent and disciplined, he made a perfect addition to the Dino Charge team. Got a boy who’s a whiz as well but loves adventure? Then he will definitely fit in to become the Green Ranger with this Green Power Ranger Dino Charge Muscle Boys Halloween Costume.

4. Dino Charge Blue Ranger

Also known as the Stegosaurus Power Ranger Blue, Koda is the Blue Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers. Koda is a bit different from the rest of the team because as a matter of fact, Koda is a caveman. When he found the Blue Energem, he was able to outlive everyone from his time because the energme gave him the ability to resist aging which made him live up until the present time. He used to live in jungle caves along with his fellow Neanderthals. He was found by Kendall Morgan, a scientist, and Chase Randall in an ice glacier. Since Koda is a caveman, he is not a very smart man but his heart is truly kind, loyal and unbelievably strong. If your kid has the makings alike of Koda, he will enjoy this Blue Power Ranger Dino Charge Muscle Boys Halloween Costume.

5. Dino Charge Pink Ranger

Shelby Watkins is also known as Triceratops Power Ranger Pink. She is the Pink Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers and is probably the most serious of them all. Don’t underestimate this girl because she’s not here to be messing around. She is a waitress at the Dino Bite Cafe when she stowed away and accidentally found the Pink Energem. This girl is tough and is strong-willed which made her difficult for the boys. If you want to interest her, be sure to be talking about nothing but dinosaurs and being a Ranger. She may be stubborn but she takes her Ranger responsibilities very seriously. And since this isn’t an “all guys” team, we have a costume for your Pink Ranger wanna-be’s as well. Check out this Pink Power Ranger Dino Charge Girls Deluxe Halloween Costume. Your little girl can be just as powerful and strong as any guy evil-fighter out there and this is her chance to show it off.

There’s no doubt that all of these costumes are sitting here waiting for your kids to get them into action. So get one for your kids today! You can also find other Power Rangers Dino Charge costumes in our store along with more accessories like gloves and weapons. Let your kids’ imagination soar and with the right costume, the fun never ceases. Visit our website for more featured costumes and as always, enjoy your shopping at The Costume Land where only the best are waiting for you!

Top 4 Reasons Why Star Wars is So Loved 0

Posted on August 07, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Ever since the first Star Wars movie was released, it has won the hearts of so many people. It was an instant hit. An instant classic. Many considered the film to be the first of it’s kind for its amazing cinematography. For over many years, loyal fans of Star Wars continue to express their admiration for the story and its characters. It’s as if the flame that it created in the hearts of people have never burned out despite the years. Although like every other movie out there, there are still some good and bad reviews about it but it has never stopped the loyal fans to continue to remain their love for Star Wars. This is why it is not surprising to see people still patronize Star Wars merchandise and even in events where people have to wear costumes, like cosplay events or Halloween, there are still some who choose to wear Star Wars costume. It is undeniable that Star Wars have garnered significant number of fanatics and they even still continue to grow in number. They even have a “Star Wars Day” which is celebrated every 4th of May in which was actually just a day chosen so that the catchphrase “May the 4th be with you.” would make sense. Yes, there’s a day dedicated to just celebrating the birth of Star Wars and that’s how you know that people are madly in love with it.

So let’s take a look at a few of just the many reasons people have loved and continue to love Star Wars. The list may be endless but we will discuss what we think sums up the entire list. Here are…

Top 4 Reasons Why Star Wars is So Loved:

1. It’s a futuristic fantasy world.

Let’s face it. We are all attracted to the idea of high technology and amazing gadgets. Stars Wars just has it all. Cool gadgets, the robots, aliens, spaceships! And one word: LIGHT SABERS. This pretty much explains to you why Star Wars is so attractive. The idea that a world with amazing technology exists and that robots and aliens are working hand in hand with people is just every kid’s fantasy come to life. These are things that would probably exist in the mind but yet, you see it in action in Star Wars. The robots, or as they are also referred to as droids, are mechanical beings that possess artificial intelligence designed to help and assist organic creatures in various tasks. Seriously, what could be cooler than a robot assistant who can like speak 6 million languages? Star Wars also introduces amazing means of futuristic transportation like space travel and hover crafts. When Star Wars was first released in 1977, they all may seem to be nothing but fantasy but now, we all know that we’re getting closer and closer to the possibility of living in a world like what we see in Star Wars. There are already people working on hover boards and the possibility of living on Mars is an ongoing study. Lucky for us, we are seeing all these come to a reality but hey, it’s still cool to see them being used on a daily basis and Star Wars definitely nailed showing what it may be like. Lastly, light sabers. Swords made of light. What more do you need to know? It’s cool enough as it sounds. But light sabers are just one of the many futuristic weapons used in Star Wars. Clone Troopers comprises the armed forces of the Galactic Republic. They are highly trained soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic and they have some of the coolest weapons in Star Wars. They are the ones who use the AT-AT, All Terrain Armored Transport, which is a four-legged combat walker. If you are a certified fan of Star Wars, it is impossible that you do not know how this contraption looks like because it is probably one of the trademark symbols of Star Wars and they are used by Clone Troopers. So if you’re a big fan of Star Wars, it may be possible that your kids are too. Next Halloween, why not dress your little boys in this Clone Trooper Boys Star Wars Halloween Costume?

2. It has a great story line.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. In your mind, you’re probably saying, “What’s so unique about Star Wars? It’s story is so cliche.” You are absolutely right but that’s what made it great. Star Wars is the typical “hero’s journey” story line in which good fights evil but set up in a sci-fi fantasy world making it an adventure but taken to a whole new level. That is what exactly made it so appealing.  It has both elements of reality and fantasy. Reality in the sense that it shows about relationships, friendship, romance and loyalty. Fantasy because it’s filled with adventure and mystery which gave the movie a sense of something exciting. It is practically the full package. It’s not a complicated story but it’s simplicity along with the diversity of its characters made it won the hearts of many. Take Han Solo for example. He is probably the simplest character in the movie but he definitely stands out for his comedic character. He’s like your favorite movie rascal, a bad boy but with a good heart. Speaking of heart, let’s not forget to whom his belongs to. Princess Leia is not your typical princess because she is badass. She is smart, sassy and she is not afraid to fight. It’s no wonder Princess Leia has attracted the other most badass person in Star Wars. Think you have what it takes to be as awesome as Princess Leia? Dress up in this Star Wars Sexy Princess Leia Women Halloween Costume.

3. It’s all about loyalty to your friends.

A best friend is someone who will be there by your side through thick and thin. No matter how tough things can get, a true friend will never leave your side and will help you go through whatever it is that you are facing regardless of how tough it can be. Thus the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” The Star Wars story has truly showed what that truly means. Take Han and Chewbacca for example. They are an unbreakable duo. They are devoted to each other and have helped each other for several occasions. Basically, they have the type of friendship we all kind of want. How about R2-D2 and C-3PO? They are not in Star Wars just for comedic relief. They may be just droids and may argue quite a lot but their loyalty towards one another is incomparable. It would not be surprising if R2-D2 would sacrifice himself for C-3PO which surely enough, C-3PO would also be willing to do the same for R2-D2. In the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, a certain friendship caught attention and it is Finn and Rey’s. Despite their different life backgrounds, they have found that they share a lot of similarities and they actually work really well together. By doing so, they have come to realize the importance of having friends that you can rely on when times get really tough. This can be a valuable lesson to teach your kids so share with them the story and dress them up to make it even more fun. Get your little girls in this Rey costume, Hero Fighter Girls Star Wars Halloween Costume.

4. It shares valuable wisdom for life.

If you are well familiar of all the Star Wars stories, then there may be a few lines in those stories that have made an impact the moment you heard them. You may be familiar of the line, “Do or do not… there is no try.” by Yoda.  How about the “Impossible to see, the future is.” line from Yoda? Bet the moment you heard that, you could have probably been nodding. Of course, Yoda is only one of the many characters in Star Wars that have a lesson to teach us. Even Darth Vader, the antagonist of the story, has a lesson to teach us on leadership. Han Solo is one brave character and his line “Never tell me the odds.” would teach you that you can face whatever situation life throws at you and you don’t have to be reminded that it will be tough because it is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome them. Obi Wan Kenobi is a legendary Jedi master who has taught both Luke and Anakin Skywalker to be a Jedi. He also has some pretty valuable lessons to teach. He once said, “Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them.” He also have mentioned that you shouldn’t give in to chance when he said “In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.” When you’re dedicated to make things happen, anything can be made possible. Undeniably, Obi Wan Kenobi is one character in Star Wars that is very much admired. If you’re a fan, then you should get yourself this Obi Wan Kenobi Animated Men Star Wars Halloween Costume.

Everyone has their own reasons why they love Star Wars and we cannot blame you. Truly, what’s not to love? Continue to express your admiration and express them through costumes. There are more amazing Star Wars costume in our store. All you have to do is visit our website at to see more costumes that we’re sure you will truly enjoy. What ever the occasion may be or wherever the event you are going to, you are sure that The Costume Land has your costume needs.

Visit us again next time for more featured costumes! Enjoy shopping and may the force be with you!

Planning for Halloween 2016: New Native American Costumes 0

Posted on August 02, 2016 by halloweencostumes

It’s almost everyone’s favorite time of the year and with your probably busy schedule, you may not notice the time passing by. Yes, Halloween is now just 89 days away. This means that your time to prepare for a costume is getting lesser and lesser as the days go by. But not to worry, The Costume Land has a wide variety of costumes and we will make sure to give you costume ideas that will not only fit your budget, but will certainly blow everyone away. There are so many great items in store that choosing might come in difficult so start planning and we will be here to assist you. Before you think about what you’re going to wear for this year’s Halloween, trace back your past Halloween costumes and make sure to try something different, new and fresh this year. Once you have gone through that, start thinking about what you think you will feel most comfortable wearing this year. Take into account certain things like time constraint. If the costume you have in mind will take time in making or setting up, you might need to rethink your costume. Think about your budget too. You might have an awesome, over the top costume planned out but if you don’t have the budget to put it all together, it might not turn out as you expect. Also, think about something fun. This is what this holiday is all about, having fun. Think about something you would enjoy wearing. Lastly, think about something that’s significant. It can be something that’s recently on trend like something from a new movie that came out this year, a character from a game or a historical figure. What ever it is you decide on, the most important thing is you know it will be something you will definitely love to be in this year.

Every year, you check out various stores to look for costumes and sometimes, you find the same items over and over again every single year. It can be quite annoying. That feeling when you are so excited to look for fresh, new costumes and you find the same items from last year and from last last year. Well, lucky for you, we are here to give you fresh new items in store. We know how lame it is already to be wearing something people have already seen but not to worry, we will show you some of the latest 2016 costumes we have and they are just waiting for you to check them out. For today’s featured costumes, let’s trace back to our roots with Native American costumes.

Native Americans are part of the rich American history which is why it is not to wonder why they are a popular choice for costumes during special occasions like Halloween. We bring you Native American costumes with their own cultural style twists. There are many different styles of Indian inspired costumes that will surely make you stand out in this year’s Halloween. You don’t even have to bother to look elsewhere to accessorize these costumes because we have everything you are looking for, right here. It’s a one stop shop for your Native American costume needs whether for men or women, boys or girls.

Let’s check them out!

We all know that kids are the main event during Halloween. Why not? They look adorable in little costumes, what ever their costume may be. Make this year’s Halloween fun and educational by indulging them in culturally inspired Indian costumes that they will definitely love. What could be better than fusing learning and fun together, right? Bet you that even as parents, you would enjoy dressing them up as much as they enjoy being dressed up. So for you little boys, you can pick up this Native American Brave Boys Halloween Costume which comes with a shirt, pants, belt with tabard, headband and one armband. With a few more accessories, this is one amazing costume, no doubt!

Brace yourselves because what’s next may just be the cutest thing you will see today. Nothing is more adorable than little girls in cute costumes and this one is no exception. Many little girls would love to be a princess and dress up like one. Pretty sure, this year would still be filled with princess costumes of different styles. Still, they would all be the same typical princess costume. If your little girl is one of those who wants to be in a princess costumes, turn it up a bit by making her an Indian princess with this adorable Lil Indian Princess Toddler Halloween Costume. This costume comes in complete with a dress, boot covers and headband. She may not be in a crown but she would look like a strong, tribal princess who would fight for her people.

Despite Halloween being an event mainly enjoyed by kids going trick or treating, as adults, let’s admit it. We don’t want to miss out on all the fun too. That’s why we host parties at our houses to make sure that this is one holiday that not only kids would enjoy, but grown ups would too. Fun knows no age and dressing up in costumes is absolutely one of the most enjoyable things to do. So who said only kids can turn up in costumes during Halloween? We have Native American costumes for adults too and you will certainly not miss out with these lovely costumes. For men, you could look like one hot native hunter in this Native American Brave Men Historical Halloween Costume which comes with a shirt, pants, arm bands, belt with attached tabard, and a headband with feather.

Many women love to dress in hot and sexy costumes during Halloween which is why it is not surprising to find a sexy twist for almost every costume. Sexy policewoman, sexy superwoman, sexy waitress, sexy nurse, sexy goddess, sexy mermaid, sexy minion and many others alike. So, we have this Native American Woman Halloween Costume which comes with a lace-up dress that will definitely show some cleavage. The dress has a feather and fringe detailing. You can pair it with a pair of Lace up Suede Leg Warmers Tan which also has a matching feather and fringe detailing.

Despite everyone being in costumes, you will still definitely make heads turn when you are in a great set of costume. So while there’s still time, start planning and preparing what this year’s costume will be for you. Keep updated with the latest costumes in store and check out our website for more fabulous costume choices. With the wide variety of costumes we have, we’re sure that you can find what ever it is you’re looking for right here. Enjoy your shopping only at The Costume Land.

Promotion Product of July: Super Mario for $14.99! 0

Posted on July 24, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Video games have been a huge sensation ever since they came out even during the time that they were still in 8-bit. Every kid had a gadget that they can play games on whether they are portable or a home console or PC. Each one of us, growing up, had our favorite games to play and a lot of these games have played a huge part in our childhood. Continuing the started trend in gaming, new technologies today have given us more fun and exciting games. But even though there are new ones that have come, and will surely come, the games that made our childhood are still here. They have been improved from 8-bit to 3D and it’s true what people say that there are just some things you can’t let go of. Some of you who may be parents now would want to share the happiness these games brought you to your kids that is why you share it to them and let them play these games. One of the most remarkable and probably, unforgettable, game that was ever released and is still being played today is Super Mario. People of all ages, whether born in the 90′s or born just a few years back, all know who Mario is. Who doesn’t, right? If you don’t know Mario, you are definitely from a different planet because gamer or not, everyone knows Mario is only the greatest game ever invented.

The very first Super Mario game release was in 1985 for Famicom and NES. Something about this short guy in jumper with a beard, jumping around on screen that was so captivating, it was a definite hit. The game revolves around the story of Mario, desperate to rescue Princess Toadstool in the hands of the invader Koopa who transformed all the people in the Mushroom Kingdom into objects like rocks and bricks. Only Princess Toadstool can undo the spell and it is Mario’s mission to rescue the princess and save the Mushroom people and get them back to life. So players, who play Mario, will have to fight every obstacle in the way to get to the princess. In the way, he can get power-ups that will help him fend off enemies and get to the princess quicker. The game sounds simple but we all know that it is loads of fun as it gets harder and harder at every level. Since Mario has been around for quite some time now, the number of fans are actually quite huge and the age range is also pretty wide.

So for all the Super Mario fans out there, old and young, we have the best Super Mario game costumes in store for you and we have a special feature product!

Doing DIY has become a trend because though we love costumes, sometimes, we just don’t have the budget and going DIY is the only way to save money. But not this time guys because The Costume Land has sale products that is budget friendly, plus, you can save yourself from the effort and hard work it takes to make a costume that’s on point. We have a special product that we want to share and of course, it’s a Super Mario costume and guess what? It’s for kids. Of all people, it’s kids who loves games most and if your kids have ever played Super Mario and are a fan, then this is something you should put on your cart now… while it’s still available! This is the Boys Super Mario Classic Halloween Costume which comes with a jumpsuit, a hat and a fake mustache. This item is a licensed product of Super Mario so you can be sure that this is made with high quality materials.

Super Mario actually wears an overall with a shirt underneath but this costume is a whole jumpsuit. What’s great about wearing a jumpsuit is that it’s just one piece, it’s easier to put on and it’s much more comfortable especially for kids who loves to play and move around a lot. Of course, it comes with Super Mario’s signature red hat with an “M” in front. There is no game where Mario is not wearing his hat. There is an exception thought in the Super Mario 64 game wherein Mario’s hat can be stolen but Mario will be more susceptible to attacks and will take in more damage. So yes, the hat is important in this costume. Lastly, his mustache for the manly look. He’s off to save the princess, right?

This special product is up for grabs for only $14.99 so while supplies last, you better make sure to get one now. Your kid will definitely love you for this. If you are however, looking for something else, there are other Super Mario costumes we have in store. We have a Super Mario costume for girls. That’s right. Because who ever said that only boys play Super Mario? So we have this Mario Girls Super Mario Halloween Costume which comes in with a dress, a pair of glovettes, character hat and mustache on a stick. It’s like the female version of Super Mario plus a pinch of added cuteness.

For our adult costumers who are avid fans of Mario too, don’t worry just yet because we have Super Mario adult costumes too, of course. We know that there are many of you whose childhood was made complete by Mario. You may even be feeling a bit nostalgic now recalling those fun childhood memories you had playing Super Mario. We all have our own special memories and despite growing old in years, part of our hearts still have a bit of youthfulness in it. As the saying goes, growing old is inevitable but growing up is a choice. So pick out a Super Mario costume for your next costume party or whatever event you plan on going in in a costume. For men, we have this Super Mario Deluxe Mario Men Halloween Costume which comes with a jumpsuit, hat, detachable belly, pair of gloves and faux mustache. For women, we have this Super Mario Deluxe Womens Halloween Costume which includes a jumpsuit, pair of glovettes, character hat and mustache on a stick.

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Then visit The Costume Land website for more amazing costumes. We always have products on sale and you will be surprised at how prices can drop. We want to be able to provide you with the best costumes without any compromise. You can always count on The Costume Land for your costume needs and accessories so always be sure to check out our website for new and on sale items. With the right costumes, the fun will never stop for everyone and anyone.

Start shopping now!

Top 3 Superheroes that have captured our hearts… again! 0

Posted on July 16, 2016 by halloweencostumes

There is absolutely no doubt that superhero movies, well, superhero anything, is a trend and everyone just loves them. Whenever a new superhero movie comes out, we all get excited and if you don’t go and watch it, you should ask yourself what’s wrong with you. Like seriously? What’s wrong with you? There is this thing about superheroes that we just cannot not love. Crime fighting people with super human capabilities and can seriously kick some butt, well, that’s pretty awesome. Reasons to love a superhero is an endless list. Despite the decades of  innumerable superhero stories we have known starting from the comics, there seem to be no end to the thrill of finding out what will be our favorite superhero’s next adventure. Everyone has their own favorite and we all have our own reasons why we love the one or two specific superhero. It could be because of the superhero’s abilities like Superman’s super strength and capability to fly or Flash’s super speed that he can practically run around the world in hours. You also have to admit, Flash running on water is just way too cool. One could also love a superhero for his attitude or personality. Spider Man is one example of a true superhero with the heart for others. Wonder Woman also exhibits a powerful personality as she has always been strong-willed and she never backs down from any challenge. But you could also love Batman because… well. He’s Batman. Plus he’s bad ass. What more could you possibly ask for? We know of these many superheroes that have always been in our hearts ever since. But recently, there have been superheroes that have once again resurfaced to try and win our hearts (again). These supers are not here to do just that but to once again prove that they are as great as the ones we more popularly know.

Let’s go on our top three superheroes that have recently captured our hearts… again.

1. Deadpool

A lot of you are not surprised at why Deadpool tops our list. You probably saw it coming and the moment we revealed it, it’s like “duh!” Well, yes, it might have been obvious because why wouldn’t it be. Although you can’t practically tell whether Deadpool is a bad guy or a good guy. He’s not even sure himself. But one thing is for sure, he is more likely to be the good guy than the bad guy. The Deadpool movie revolved around his search for his sworn enemy, Ajax, or should we say, Francis, who was responsible in turning him into who he has become. His body has become capable of extremely fast healing and regeneration but it came at a terrible price. But we could all agree that if there is one thing we love about Deadpool, it’s his unique humorous personality. A lot of you are probably a big fan of Deadpool already. Since the movie came out, you probably already have a few merchandise at home that has Deadpool all over it. Then you will enjoy this Deadpool Deluxe Men Adult Halloween Costume that comes with a padded muscle chest jumpsuit and mask. Complete your costume with a pair of Deadpool Men Gloves and you have just turned yourself into one badass dude.

2. Ant Man

If you are not a big geek about Marvel comics, you may never heard of Ant Man. If ever you have, you probably don’t know much about him. Well, Ant Man is the superhero that proved you don’t have to be big to be strong. Unlike other superheroes, Ant Man didn’t have superhuman capabilities but he had the heart of a superhero. He had a suit which allows him to shrink and grow in size and communicate with ants. Although this technology would be alarming if it were in the hands of the wrong people, it gave him the capability of doing extraordinary things – with a little training and getting used to, of course. Originally in the Marvel comics, it was the scientist that invented the technology who used it and became Ant Man himself but the recent movie which was released showed us something different. The scientist who created the technology handed it to someone whom he knew would be able to use it unselfishly and thus, Ant Man was born. Whether you loved the original comic series or you recently just fell in love with the Marvel movie release, you would definitely enjoy this Ant Man Adult Deluxe Halloween Costume. This licensed product from Marvel is a costume that comes complete with a deluxe muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, belt and mask. You can then complete your look with these Ant Man Adult Gloves. Big or small, there’s no limit when the heart is the true hero.

3. Aquaman

You may be wondering why Aquaman is on our list. Don’t judge just yet because there is more to Aquaman than meets the eye. Recently, in the Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice movie release, Aquaman made an appearance and it left everyone wondering why. Well, some speculate that this may be a teaser for a possible upcoming Justice League movie. Guess, Avengers is not going to be the only superhero group that’s going to be on the spotlight because someone else may steal all the attention. Aquaman is a superhero that always gets underestimated but because of this, they get their asses seriously busted. Aquaman’s capabilities are rather amazing. He possess the trident of Neptune which should probably say that he’s not just around for nothing. He’s the freaking king of the seven seas. He can control the weather, breath underwater, see in the darkest, deepest parts of the ocean and communicate with ocean life forms. Before everyone else goes crazy over Aquaman, be one of the first to be his super fan. Get yourself this Aquaman Dawn of Justice Men Halloween Costume which comes in complete with muscle padded jumpsuit with 3D bandolier, 3D gauntlets, 3D boot tops and shoe covers. You can complete your look with an Aquaman Beard Mustache Wig Kit.

That completes our list! For big superhero fans out there, of any superhero, you too can have a costume of your favorite supers. You can just check out our store at for more great selections of superhero costumes and accessories. Guaranteed, there will be no better place for you to get your superhero costumes that here at The Costume Land. Great selections, great quality and great prices all combined. Visit us again soon for more featured costumes and enjoy your shopping everyone!

2016 Unique Halloween Party Ideas 0

Posted on July 03, 2016 by halloweencostumes

There is one time of the year wherein some people spend months in planning for a party. Yes, we are talking about Halloween. It’s not unusual for people to get pretty excited about the fun things that can happen during the Halloween. Let’s all admit that this is one time of the year wherein we have higher expectations for the parties, food and costumes. Usually, people would want to stand out from the crowd since, hey, everyone’s in costume already. It’s not something special that you are in one too. So people want to go overboard and be unique. When it comes to the costumes, the possibilities are endless if you have a pretty wild imagination, or a sick sense of dark humor at how scary you can look. People are coming up with these crazy ideas for their parties. For some, months of planning goes into throwing the scariest and most fun party that will make people remember it for the rest of their lives. If you want to be the talk of the town after Halloween, you better have some awesome tricks up your sleeves. We want to help you throw a creepy, fun party that will make people want to keep coming to parties you host every single year.

2016 Unique Halloween Party Ideas

1. Plan a single themed menu

A lot of people prepare many varieties of food during Halloween and usually, they are all very random. One cool idea is to prepare food that are themed to one concept. For example, you can prepare foods that are made to look like different body parts. Create a huge cake made to look like a human brain. It can be a bit tricky but if you have months to prepare, you can practice so you can nail a pretty realistic brain cake for Halloween. Prepare some buns and make the hot dogs look like human fingers. With a bit of carving onto the hotdog, you can make them look like real fingers with ketchup as blood. You can also make truffle balls on a stick to make them look like eyeball lollies. With white chocolate as coating, you can decorate them with Smarties or MnM’s to look like the pupil of the eye and add veins with red colored chocolate. If you’re skilled with baking, you can create cooking that would look like skin that has wounds or stitches. If you can stick to one theme for the food, the choice for the costume you would wear would then be easy.

Eerie eyeball pops Terrorize the kids with a Halloween meal of bloody hot dog fingers that look a little too realistic 



So if you’re serving food like these, then you better be one who looks like who would actually give something brains and eyeballs. What kind of monster would that be? A zombie. Imagine if as the host of the party, you are a zombie serving body parts from people you probably ate. Nice zombie you are for sharing your kill, right? Or if you are preparing a red blood drink along with these food, you could also dress as vampire serving the flesh of his human victims. You don’t have to look elsewhere for these costumes because we have them here for you. If you’re the hostess serving, this Zombie Woman Halloween Costume will look great on you. It comes with a jacket with attached gauze and skirt. With a bit of creative makeup and more ripped and slightly damaged accessories, this costume is the perfect match for your creepy cannibalistic party.

If you feel like you want a fancier take on this clever idea, you can dress as a vampire serving the fanciest human feast to your guests. Dress as this Royal Vampire Mens Vampire Halloween Costume that comes with a tail coat with attached vest, cape with detachable broaches and chain and a cravat.

Play some screaming sound effects in your house and you can make it seem like there are more human kills that are waiting to be served. Every time there’s a scream, do an evil laugh and say, “Oh! More food coming everyone!” Not only is this amusing but it will definitely make your guests say it was a party worth remembering.

2. Create a scare prank trap

A lot of people do scary pranks during this holiday and it is usually fun, if you don’t have a dark sense of humor. These pranks are done on anyone whom you think has a heart strong enough to survive a scary surprise. If you’re throwing a party at your house, you can setup a nice scary trap in a doorway or a hallway that will scare the hell out of anyone who pass through. You could also set it up in a closet so that whenever someone tries to get something from there, they will have a scary surprise. A cool idea is to get a dummy or a mannequin, dress it up in a costume and setup a scare noise like a scream or an evil laugh as your dummy is released. One thing that almost anyone is scared of are creepy clowns. We have a clown costume that you can use on your dummy that will definitely scare the hell out of anyone who gets into your trap. This Evil Clown Men Halloween Costume comes with a really creepy mask, a black and white checkered jumpsuit with attached collar and button accent. Make your trap easy to set back up so you can scare a new guest coming in. Tell everyone to keep quiet about the trap so everyone can have a good laugh at this scary trap you have set up.

3. Make a Mini Haunted House Maze

If you are willing to go over the top for your Halloween party, then better make it something to remember. Plan your time frame and your budget carefully on this one. This may take some few house rearrangements or you could do it in your front or backyard if your have the space. Turn your house into a haunted home. But before anyone can get to your party, they must go through a mini maze. This maze can be easily set up with a few curtains and shut down some lights as well. Have some sound effects playing in the background too. It doesn’t have to be like the mazes in fun parks but it can be a fun experience to have a bit of mystery before having some awesome fun party. At the end of the maze, greet your guests with a scare in a ghost costume. You, as the host, is the ghost that haunts the house. Wouldn’t that be cool? Dress in this Ghostly Spirit Woman Halloween Halloween Costume that comes with an over dress with detachable hood, under dress and brooch. For men, you can wear this Ghostly Groom Men Halloween Costume that comes with a jacket with button closure, pants with an elastic waist, slip-on shirt with bow tie with velcro closure at the back and a skull boutonniere. Your guests will surely have fun going through your mini maze and get a good scare at the end when you greet them.

You can never have too much fun during Halloweens. Be sure to plan it well and your party will definitely be remembered even until next year. You don’t have to settle for less when you can do your best. And for the best costumes, come to The Costume Land for a wide selection of great Halloween costumes and accessories. We will be very happy to become a part of your Halloween experience.

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Space and Astronaut Costumes: The Sky is Not The Limit 0

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Did you know that all of space is silent? It’s funny how something so amazing could have such an interesting fact like that. Space continues to amaze us with its wonders and the surprises it brings. There are still so many undiscovered parts but definitely with the advancement of technology, we will soon be able to learn more and hopefully, take advantage of what’s out there. Imagine if we had spaceports just as we have airports. We can travel from one habitable planet to another cruising the vast universe at the speed of light. When you learn more about our planet, Earth, you can say that there are already innumerable things that our wondrous about our planet. What more if you go outside where the possibilities are almost endless. The universe is after all, infinite. What lies beyond what we can see could open up to even more unimaginable things that are just waiting to be discovered. There is this human instinct that we find new things interesting. In one word, curiosity. We want to learn about new things and discover what it’s like to feel something we’ve never felt before, to see something we’ve never seen before, to hear something we’ve never heard before and to taste something we’ve never tasted before. Knowing that what waits in outer space are everything that is new only makes us become more fascinated and curious to see what’s actually out there, for real, not just in books or pictures.

Are you a big fan of the heavens? Have you ever wished you could take even just one trip and see what it’s like? To discover what it’s like to be weightless could be a fascinating new feeling. Wouldn’t it be great to be floating in space and not even feel that huge burger you just ate added a few more pounds to you? Seeing the earth from within is amazing but seeing it from outside would be breath-taking. To be so close to the moon you could almost touch it would be a sensational feeling. We know how much you want to get there but that may take time before it can actually happen. Not that it’s not going to happen because we know it’s definitely something we can hope for. So why not get a head start and prepare your outfit first? Let’s look into some amazing space and astronaut costumes that we have in store for you.

To become an astronaut is an amazing job. Although it comes with challenges and a drastic training to become one, we can be sure that we admire these people for the work they to help humanity get a step closer to new possibilities. You may not be a professional astronaut but we have the costume that will turn you into one! Check out this Men Astronaut Halloween Costume that comes with a helmet, white jumpsuit with silver metallic shoulder and ankle accents and a belt. A complete look for your outer space travel.

The costume above is for men but we have one for your little kiddos as well. This astronaut costume for boys will make them asking you to buy a spaceship for them. It is a great costume and this Blast Off Astronaut Halloween Costume comes in complete with a jumpsuit with a muscle torso and arms that has a logo print on the chest and sleeves, an attached black belt and also comes with a fabric printed helmet. Your child can now explore the cosmos in this cool astronaut costume.

We have some special designed costumes for the ladies that are not only the perfect space costume but will also make a statement that you truly came down from heaven because these costumes are divine. Check out this sexy twist on the astronaut jumpsuit attire. This Space Bound Hottie Woman Halloween Costume includes a catsuit with zip up closure, silver shoulder and hip pads and is made of poly and spandex fabric. It has an American flag badge on the chest. Its closed neck but the open chest design perfectly shows off your cleavage for a sexy, out of this world look.

This next costume perfectly shows that even the skies are not the limit for an extremely sexy space look. If you want to raise the temperature and make it feel like you are hotter than the sun, then this costume is for you. Take command with this Space Commander Woman Halloween Costume that will show off every heavenly piece in your body. It comes in complete with a romper with a sweetheart neckline that has an American flag patch and a detachable hoodie.

You can complete this look with the right accessories. Get yourself a pair of leggings and gloves to match your space costume. We have this Space Gloves White And Silver Adult and White And Silver Space Leggings which are perfect for this space costume. Although if you have a sexy costume already, these can work just as well.

You can take your space exploration dream now with the right costumes on hand. There are more amazing costumes that you can find in store. If your space fantasies include futuristic robots and alien life forms, there are available costumes in store and you can all find them here at The Costume Land. Be sure to check out our store for more costumes. We are sure that we have all your costume needs and accessories that even space itself have no escape at the great selections we have.

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4th of July: Great Costumes for a Great Nationwide Party 0

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It is almost that time of the year again wherein parties are everywhere, cook outs are being held at parks and fireworks shows are being prepared for the evening. That’s right. It’s almost 4th of July.

One of the most joyous events in a country is the celebration of its independence day. In America, this celebration is held with huge parties in almost every town. You can already smell the barbecue in the air. So don’t you ever wonder if you stroll down a park or in the streets and you can smell steak because that’s definitely one of the best parts of the celebration of the 4th of July. Families gather and hold parties in their houses. You can see patriotic decor in homes. Sometimes, people even wear them. The things you can do for a 4th of July party is an endless list. You can arrange for games, prepare an amazingly setup buffet table and become creative with the dishes you prepare. Of course, what is a 4th of July buffet table if it’s not in red, blue and white? It’s the color of the American flag and is certainly the theme of every party. It’s fun to see those American flag designed cakes. There are cute truffles on a stick that’s blue and with little stars or red with white stripes. Don’t forget the huge burgers with little American flags on them. You couldn’t get more American than that. It might be fun for kids to have Uncle Sam beards that are actually cotton candy. Wouldn’t that be fun for them? Everything on the table is American flag themed from the food to the drinks. It’s definitely a fun time for everyone.

When it’s the 4th of July, the colors red, blue and white are on everything and everyone. Yes, people wear the American flag and themed clothing and costumes are the trend. You can see from simple shirts to over-the-top costumes, people are not afraid to show how patriotic they can get. Since the parties are everywhere for the 4th of July, might as well dress for them, right? You can find a lot of people wearing American flag printed shirts. Some people who are not so into putting too much effort on their clothing prefer to pick out something from their closets and simply combine the colors red, blue and white. Then by wearing an Uncle Sam hat and star-shaped sunglasses, they’re good to go. But some people are not hesitant to go the extra mile on the 4th of July and are willing to show off some amazing clothing picks for the parties.

The Costume Land is here to give you ideas of awesome picks for your upcoming 4th of July parties. We have got some great items in store and we would like to show them to you.

Uncle Sam is a very common costume worn by men during the 4th of July. Why? Well, it’s because 4th of July is his birthday! Sort of. Uncle Sam (U.S.) is a personification of the American government. This is why when it’s the 4th of July, whether you go to the parades or to parties, it’s impossible not to see an Uncle Sam costume. We have a special Uncle Sam costume and it is exquisitely made. Check out this Deluxe Uncle Sam Elite Men Halloween Costume that comes with a coat, vest, dicky with attached bow, pants, hat and spats. With a set of Uncle Sam wig and beard, this costume will definitely stand out among other Uncle Sam costumes.

A lot of women are very conscious with what they wear. You really can’t convince some to wear actual costumes because, well, fashion. They want to look sassy, sexy and flashy and not look like someone who just stepped out of a children’s book. Well, we have just the costume every style conscious women would definitely love to wear. The combination of this Sexy Pin Up Halter American Flag Women Top paired with this Americans Polka Dot High Waisted Short is absolutely gorgeous. The top is a sexy blue halter top with star print accented with a white and red stripe in the middle. The bottom is a red and white stripe high waisted short. You can get the two or get one and mix and match it with something you have at home.

If you want something that covers more skin but still want to look sexy, we have just the thing. This Flag Zipfront Women Bodysuit is the perfect costume if you want to look sexy, but not too sexy. Still, it will make heads turn. It is an American flag printed suit that zips down the front. Whether you choose to wear it with or without accessories, it’s still one amazing thing to wear on the 4th of July, Uncle Sam will thank you for it.

Kids can wear patriotic clothes as well but don’t you think it would be more adorable to see these little kids in costumes? Seeing them in costumes of historically significant people will leave people in awe, and a few wanting to pinch their cheeks for being too cute. That’s why we have an adorable George Washington Patriotic Boys Halloween Costume because why not dress as the first American president? This costume comes with a hat, jacket with attached jabot and vest. It’s never too early to teach your kid love for country.

For the girls, we have a simple yet adorable Girls USA Flag Dress. We know that kids can be tough to handle as they are active and gets excited when fun things are happening. So this flag costume is a great idea as she can be waving herself as the flag. Clever and cute.

Fun is in every corner of America during the 4th of July and there is absolutely no reason for you to miss out on all of them. Whether you are going to the parades or the parties or the cookouts or the firework shows, be sure to dress yourself in a way that’s screaming patriotism. A great celebration for a great country. Go all out and let everyone see how much you value and love your country by not just participating but going the extra mile. There are so many things that you can do to show it and dressing up in costume is only one of them. For a great party like this, you should never be under dressed. So check out our store at The Costume Land for more great costumes and accessories. Be sure to be prepared for this big event that’s coming really soon. Hurry before they sold out!

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Steampunk Costumes: The Heat is On! 0

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Steampunk has been around for so long and it’s popularity has not faded ever since. The science fiction of steampunk is based on an alternate history of the Victorian setting which has been romanticized in many books and movies. If the story includes wild inventions that features steam powered machinery, then is it probably steampunk themed. Some of these include advanced technology but with the aesthetic and feel of a 19th century machinery. The gadgets may look and function like an old machine, the capabilities it possess goes beyond the technologies we have today. For example, you see a movie that features an old looking vehicle with many gears and a steam pipe but despite it’s ancient appearance, it can hover and travel at a speed of a bullet. So basically, steampunk is a retro take on futuristic technology. But machinery is not the only distinguishing factor to know that something is steampunk, fashion will also tell you.

Just as these steampunk themed gadgets have a specific look, so does people from the greatest era that never was — steampunk. For some who are not well familiar with steampunk, they usually get an advice of dressing Victorian and then add accessories. What will make it scream “steampunk”? Goggles. No steampunk fashion is complete without goggles. The goggles are like a trademark to the steampunk fashion. But don’t think you are limited to that because steampunk fashion can be versatile too when it comes to style. Steampunk fashion takes the looks of 19th century fashion and adding the feel of punk, contemporary street fashion, goth, vampire, ruffles and more. The idea of Lolita fashion is also related to steampunk only it inclines towards expressing youthful girlishness. Aside from the earlier mentioned goggles, there are also other accessories that can complete a steampunk look. A headpiece is also important and it doesn’t just include a normal top hat. Different hats can be worn and are usually accessorized with clocks, gears, chains, feathers and more.

Did you know? Steampunk fashion has been incorporated in today’s high fashion industry. Famous fashion lines have introduced neo-Victorian and steampunk themed styles in their runway shows. So no, steampunk is not just something you can get up in during special occasions or on a costume party, it is something that anyone can now wear in their daily lives. Incorporating steampunk in your daily fashion can now be a thing.

If you think steampunk fashion is something that expresses you for who you are, you will enjoy our collection of steampunk costumes. Let’s take a look at some of these amazing steampunk costumes that you can wear for any event whenever you like.

Steampunk fashion is hot and if you want something that will make you look sexy in your costume, then this one is for you. This is the Steampunk Girl Women Halloween Costume which features a stylized hi-lo skirt with a dropped V waistline, a sweetheart neckline and short puff sleeves. The costume includes glovelettes and a laced up to hat with sash and decor.

A lot of people say that steampunk fashion is limited to the a certain set of colors. You will commonly find steampunk clothing in colors like black, brown, dark red and white. But this doesn’t mean that you are limited to these colors only. You can use any color but still stick to the theme. This is what the next costume is all about. This Steampunk Fantasy Woman Deluxe Halloween Costume comes in a blue printed hi-lo dress with attached corset that has short puff sleeves, a ruffled sweetheart neckline. The costume includes an attached apron to he dress, goggles, glovelettes and boot spats.

If you ladies want to spice up your steampunk costumes, we have the accessories that goes perfect with them. We have this Steampunk Buckled Spat White which will come in handy if you don’t have thigh high or knee high boots. You can just use some good shoes you already have and just wear these to give them that steampunk look.

If you are having a hard time looking for a good headpiece, you can try this Brown Steampunk Mini Headband.

One of the many clothing styles in the 19th century that has been given the steampunk twist were attires of lords, counts, soldiers, and explorers which is why it is common to find these type of styles in steampunk fashion. One example is this Steampunk General Men Halloween Costume which has the look of a 19th century military general. This costume includes an ascot, shirt with attached vest and jacket with button accent.

Now the second example is this Steampunk Adventurer Deluxe Men Halloween Costume which is in the style of a 19th century explorer. The costume includes a vest, pants, top hat with goggles, fingerless gloves, shoulder guard, belt with hip satchel and boot tops.

What’s a costume without a hat right? Although you can have many options for your headpiece, we have your basic need right here. If a top hat with goggles is what you are looking for, then this Steampunk Black Hat With Goggles is what you need. Of course, you can still DIY it to make it match your costume and your personality. Just to give it a little but of “umph”. This hat also comes in brown. You can check our store if it’s the color you need.

You may be wondering why some steampunk costumes include a stick. In the old times, a walking stick is not just something used to aide someone in walking, it has become a fashion sense and a symbol of authority. Some even incorporate a weapon into their walking sticks which is why it has gained popularity during their time. Steampunk walking sticks usually have designs of guns, gears, clocks, pipes and more. If you are looking to accessorize your steampunk costume with a walking stick, we have this Steampunk Cane. It is 40 inches long and has a decorative head with skull shape and steampunk gears. It comes in 2 pieces so you can easily bring it along with you.

All these men and women steampunk costumes look steaming hot. Hope you don’t mind the awful pun. But even though how great your  steampunk costume is, there is one vital thing that you just cannot not have. Yes, it’s the goggles. Don’t worry. We have Steampunk Brown Googles to complete your steampunk costumes.

You shouldn’t miss out on more awesome steampunk costumes and check our online store at for a wider array of choices. We have lots of great costumes at great prices and we look forward to become a part of your mission to find the perfect costume for you. All of our costumes are licensed products and we guarantee you that we will only provide you with costumes of high quality and value.

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Pirate Costumes: Sailing the Seven Seas One Costume at a Time 0

Posted on June 18, 2016 by halloweencostumes

Be ye ready to sail the seven seas wit me ‘n look fer treasures? Be brave, lad. The seas be filled with danger. It gunna only take a true courageous scurvy dog to succeed in scouring the seven seas.

Historically speaking, pirates are groups of people who sail the seas without a permanent residence. They have their own rules and levels in a hierarchy. They enter countries and do possibly the most horrible things: stealing, taking women and children, burning churches and many more alike activities. They are probably just like any other criminals except that they do their crime in the seas and occasionally, on land. Modern day pirates would usually loot other ships like cargo ships delivering goods internationally. They take whatever they can make use of such as food, valuable items, weapons and clothing. Although today’s pirates are nothing like the pirates we know of who have a peg leg, hook for a hand and an eye patch, they still exist today. It could be because pirates were of romanticized in plays, books, and movies. Pirates are still criminals but they are depicted in a very admiring way by showing the adventures they take.

There is something about the idea of a group of men who are travelling the world one sea at a time. Although they are outlaws, there is something exciting about the life of adventure and freedom. You don’t have to lie, you know. Everyone loves pirates. How could you not love pirates? They are the coolest people with the most fun and exciting lives. We live our lives in a routine wherein we go to school, then work, live to pay bills and take yearly vacations. Sounds quite ideal, yes? But to become a pirate is like to live life as a vacation every single day. Facing everyday danger and exploration is a thrilling way to live life but to do so while on a ship and sailing different parts of the world just takes it to a whole new level. So we can all admit, we love pirates.

Interesting Fact:

Did you know? There is a movement called the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster promoting a different and light take on religion. According to their teachings, they believe that pirates are “absolute divine beings”. This is why if you get married under the Pastafarian religion, you have to be dressed as a pirate. Pastafarianism is a legally recognized religion in Poland, Netherlands and New Zealand. It was in New Zealand where the first Pastafarian wedding was legally recognized and registered.

Photo source:

You may or may not be attending a Pastafarian wedding but owning a pirate costumes is quite ideal. Whether it’s for a costume party, an event you are attending or a play you are participating at, The Costume Land has some new, fresh and exciting pirate costumes in store for you. So why don’t we check them out?

It takes extraordinary courage to be able to sail the seas everyday and face all sorts of danger. For a pretty badass job, you would also need a sick costume to be able to portray that badass character. Check out this Buccaneer Men Deluxe Pirate Halloween Costume which comes with a shirt, pants and waist sash. You should consider getting a parrot with this costume. It will look perfect!

Want a cute take on the pirate costume? We know how much you want a pirate costume for your little boys but keeping it adorable is one important factor. That is why we have this Pirate Boy Toddler Deluxe Halloween Costume which comes with a jumpsuit with gauze sleeves, gold trim, attached sash and belt, boot covers and printed hat with gold trim and attached head sash. This is a complete costume and a help of a few accessories will make this perfect!

Now you may be wondering as we proceed to our next costume, are there any female pirates? We see women pirates in movies but do they exist in real life? In the old times, women had to dress and look like men to be able to get on board a pirate ship. Pirates have the belief that women are bad luck since they can have other men fighting over them. Female pirates are discriminated but we all know that any woman can do anything a man can. Be one of those who support women in piracy by getting yourself a pirate costume.

Ladies, have you captain say “Aye, aye.” to this High Seas Pirate Captain Woman Halloween Costume which gives a sassy and sexy twist to a pirate costume for women. This costume includes a gold trimmed velvet coat dress with brocade bodice and button accents, lurex lace tiered skirt and matching lace ruffle pirate hat. Any woman in this pirate costume will leave steaming hot trails in the ocean.

Who says you’re too young to join piracy? If it’s your passion, you should definitely go for it. Start your kids young with these amazing pirate costumes for teens and toddlers. Check out this Pirate Cutie Girls Tween Halloween Costume which comes with a dress with lace trim, skull hip wrap, bandana, netted leggings and glovelettes.

This Rogue Pirate Girls Halloween Costume for kids is an adorable pirate costume that comes with a dress with skull accents and matching skull and cross bone pirate hat.

Now you have your costumes, it’s finally time to accessorize. Your costume won’t be complete without accessories. They are vital to make every costume stand out from others. So for the unfortunate men who just cannot grow a scruff or beard, we have the thing for you. You can get yourself one of these: Pirate Beard And Moustache or Pirate Moustache Beard And Goatee

Pick up your sword and get on board your ship. You are now ready to sail the seas in your pirate costume. There are so many things that costumes can do for us and it has helped so many of us fulfill our greatest fantasies. You can never have enough costumes. Always check out for more costumes. We have many other pirate costumes in store and we’re sure that you can find the right one you need which suits your personality.

Enjoy shopping lads and lassies!

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