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Best of 2014: Movies of the Year 0

Posted on October 26, 2014 by halloweencostumes

The end of the year 2014 is near and what a blast it was! Adventure surely filled the year that has absolutely thrilled everyone. It is amazing to think of the fun we all had this year but there are still a few months left. We still have the chance to enjoy the few days to come. Who knows? Even more bewitching events are in store for all of us.

But why don’t we take a quick look back to the previous 2014 movies that inspired everyone to get the best costumes The Costume Land has? Let’s see the best of what we had. Nothing beats a nice throwback, don’t you think?

Come on!

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman made his mark this year with an action-packed movie, defeating a new and dangerous villain. The Amazing Spiderman 2 was definitely a big hit and we know you think so too. Here is the Spiderman costume that you don’t have to worry about if you don’t have the muscles because this costume comes in with muscle torso and legs to give you the macho look. Check out this awesome Spiderman Muscle Deluxe Men Costume.


From saving the world to saving the universe, the action just won’t stop. Who would forget such an out of this world, non-stop action movie? Sure enough, nothing would be more awesome than wearing a Star Lord costume while singing Hooked On A Feeling, right? Guardians of the Galaxy definitely caught the attention of a lot of Marvel fans and even the general audience. Look how this Guardians Of Galaxy Star Lord Classic Boys Costume can transform your little boy into.


If you thought the action ended there, then you are mistaken. The Captain is back to save his country from another threat. America’s original hero, Captain America had his hands full again for the Winter Soldier is putting everyone in jeopardy. Superheroes are adored by so many making this movie a success. How about bringing the fun back with this Captain America Men Costume?

capt amer.png

The world of fantasy has brought us from heroes to fairies. This year, Disney made a magical movie, The Pirate Fairy. Tinkerbell and her friends found themselves in a tight situation. Girls who are Disney fans certainly loved this movie that taught how important friendship and teamwork is. Turn your little girl into a Pirate Fairy with this Disney Fairies Pirate Tink Deluxe Girls Costume.


All of these movies were a big success but none of them could beat the success and fame that Disney’s Frozen made. This movie was released during the year 2013 but it stole the spotlight that even until today, it still has the spotlight on it. Kids singing Let It Go, For The First Time In Forever and all the other songs from Frozen. Even parties are Frozen-themed. Let not the joy end and get this Disney Frozen Elsa Deluxe Girls Costume for your little one.


So, there you have it folks! The best of 2014, so far. There could still be more waiting for the months to come so stay updated on the latests of the latests. The Costume Land will be very glad to attend to your costume needs anytime and for any event or occasion.

Visit our website: for more costumes and accessories.

Enjoy the rest of your year everyone! Happy shopping!

Costume Ideas to Tickle Your Funny Side 0

Posted on June 04, 2013 by halloweencostumes

Do you think of funny costumes only on Halloween or other special days? If so, then you should think again because costumes can be worn on any day and for any occasion. Sometimes, you may not even need a reason to wear a special costume. You can just wear one to show your funny side to the world.

We like some costumes simply because they are readily available and funny. Below is our list of funny costumes that is sure to bring a smile on your face as well as on others who see you.

Robot Costumes
Do robots fascinate you? Then, why not show off this interest to your family and friends with a funny robot costume? One popular robot costume has lighted body suits in silver and red or in silver and blue. This costume comes with attached gloves and a face mask as well. The best part about the mask is the light for eyes to make you look like an authentic robot. This light also makes you look funny!

Sassy Costumes
Whether you are a male or female, sassy costumes are sure to tickle the funny bones of any person. Have you ever imagined wearing a sassy costume for everyday chores such as grocery shopping or laundry? Well, it can be truly funny when you do it.

One of the best sassy costumes is a lacy shorts with a snug top. You can add a long pair of boots and even a drape to complete the looks. A red and black combination works well for sassy costumes. You can even add a gold headband to give you a flawless look!



Full-body Knitted Costumes

Knitted costumes always have a funny feel to it and it gets further augmented when the costume is a full-body and head suit. In other words, you can wear a costume that will cover every part of your body and face, from head to toe. You can even add boots to make it comfortable for you to walk around. Such a body and face costume is sure to scare some people away while others will stand back and admire your sense of humor.



Walking Zombie Costumes
Another evergreen funny costume is that of a walking zombie. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a mummified costume, dead doctor, gothic or biohazard costume, it will bring a smile on the face of everyone who sees you. You can add to the effects by doing the right makeup and selecting appropriate accessories to go with your costume. Adding some ooze to your dress or your face will enhance your looks too!

Each of these costumes are different and elegant in their own ways. More importantly, they are all funny and bold. So, if you want to dress differently or attract some attention from others, choose from one of these costumes.

World Environment Day Costume 0

Posted on May 25, 2013 by halloweencostumes

Weird weather patterns and increasing instances of natural disasters have brought environment into focus. The human actions and its impact are being extensively analyzed to understand the connection. Further, many environmental groups and governments are partnering together to bring more awareness about environmental degradation and the resulting impact to the society.

In the light of these changes, the World Environment Day has become significant. Celebrated on June 5th every year, this day is associated with education and positive action. On this Environment Day, you can go one step forward and even wear your favorite ‘green’ costume to show your solidarity and support for the environment.

One of the best costumes to highlight the importance of preserving the environment is the Ghoulish Tree Man Costume. This costume, as the name implies, is that of an old tree that is brown and withered. This dress will bring the impact on the environment to the forefront because if humans continue to act irresponsibly, then this is how barren and ghoulish the trees will be. This costume comes with a ghoulish mask, gloves and a torn robe on a brown suit. You can even complement this dress with a pair of matching shoes.

Another costume that will drive the impact of environmental degradation is the Skin Biohazard Zombie Costume. This costume will bring out the impact of global warming and excessive greenhouse gas emission to the human body. The full body suit and hood will fit perfectly for this day.

If you want to show the world about what you think of toxic waste, then the Toxic Waste Container Biohazard Zombie Costume is the right choice. It includes a foam waste can that depicts how overflowing toxic waste impacts the environment and eventually human beings too. To enhance the impact of this costume, you can add on a wig, zombie mask, appropriate makeup, shirt, pant and shoes.

In short, the World Environment Day is a great occasion to bring awareness to some of the pressing issues facing our environment today. As the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, it is the costume that is going to say a thousand words to your audience. So, wear an appropriate costume on this day and tell the world to care for their environment.

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