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Best of 2014: Movies of the Year 0

Posted on October 26, 2014 by halloweencostumes

The end of the year 2014 is near and what a blast it was! Adventure surely filled the year that has absolutely thrilled everyone. It is amazing to think of the fun we all had this year but there are still a few months left. We still have the chance to enjoy the few days to come. Who knows? Even more bewitching events are in store for all of us.

But why don’t we take a quick look back to the previous 2014 movies that inspired everyone to get the best costumes The Costume Land has? Let’s see the best of what we had. Nothing beats a nice throwback, don’t you think?

Come on!

Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman made his mark this year with an action-packed movie, defeating a new and dangerous villain. The Amazing Spiderman 2 was definitely a big hit and we know you think so too. Here is the Spiderman costume that you don’t have to worry about if you don’t have the muscles because this costume comes in with muscle torso and legs to give you the macho look. Check out this awesome Spiderman Muscle Deluxe Men Costume.


From saving the world to saving the universe, the action just won’t stop. Who would forget such an out of this world, non-stop action movie? Sure enough, nothing would be more awesome than wearing a Star Lord costume while singing Hooked On A Feeling, right? Guardians of the Galaxy definitely caught the attention of a lot of Marvel fans and even the general audience. Look how this Guardians Of Galaxy Star Lord Classic Boys Costume can transform your little boy into.


If you thought the action ended there, then you are mistaken. The Captain is back to save his country from another threat. America’s original hero, Captain America had his hands full again for the Winter Soldier is putting everyone in jeopardy. Superheroes are adored by so many making this movie a success. How about bringing the fun back with this Captain America Men Costume?

capt amer.png

The world of fantasy has brought us from heroes to fairies. This year, Disney made a magical movie, The Pirate Fairy. Tinkerbell and her friends found themselves in a tight situation. Girls who are Disney fans certainly loved this movie that taught how important friendship and teamwork is. Turn your little girl into a Pirate Fairy with this Disney Fairies Pirate Tink Deluxe Girls Costume.


All of these movies were a big success but none of them could beat the success and fame that Disney’s Frozen made. This movie was released during the year 2013 but it stole the spotlight that even until today, it still has the spotlight on it. Kids singing Let It Go, For The First Time In Forever and all the other songs from Frozen. Even parties are Frozen-themed. Let not the joy end and get this Disney Frozen Elsa Deluxe Girls Costume for your little one.


So, there you have it folks! The best of 2014, so far. There could still be more waiting for the months to come so stay updated on the latests of the latests. The Costume Land will be very glad to attend to your costume needs anytime and for any event or occasion.

Visit our website: for more costumes and accessories.

Enjoy the rest of your year everyone! Happy shopping!

My Little Pony: Best Dressed Friends 0

Posted on August 29, 2014 by halloweencostumes

My Little Pony: Who knows friendship better than this gang of cute and lovable ponies who always stand by each other?

One of the most famous TV series for girls that depicts a story of loyalty and friendship is the well-known series of My Little Pony. We know that there are a lot of fans out there because who couldn’t resist such cute and fun-loving circle of friends that enjoys adventures. That’s why The Costume Land is proud to present some of the really fabulous My Little Pony costumes we have in store for you.

Come on! Let’s check them out!

Rainbow Dash is very loyal pony is the best flier in all of Equestria. She is responsible in maintaining the weather and for the clear skies in Ponyville. If you’re into blue and rainbows, a Rainbow Dash Women My Little Pony Costume might just be for you. This costume includes an asymmetrical petticoat dress with embroidered rainbow applique, wings, tail, wig, glitter later ear headband and leg warmers.


To maximize and level up your look with this costume, we have provided a video below that will show you a tutorial on how to do a Rainbow Dash themed makeup that would look absolutely perfect for this costume.

Fluttershy is a very kind pony who takes care of many animals. She might be shy and easily frightened but if you hurt her friends, she becomes tough. A lot will agree that she is really cute, so for her fans, here’s a Fluttershy Women My Little Pony Costume that includes a dress with satin bow accents, wings, tail, wig, glitter latex ear headband and a pair of leg warmers.


Match your costume with an awesome looking makeup, play along with a little shyness and soft voice then guaranteed, you’d be the center of attraction.


Source: Sharon Stadterman @

Pinkie Pie may be a loud and sometimes, annoying Earth pony but you will still love her high spirit and energy. She loves to have fun and to party. If you love the same things, you may just look perfect in this Pinky Pie Women My Little Pony Costume that comes with a petticoat dress with glitter tulle skirt, tail, wig, glitter latex ears headband and leg warmers.

pinkie pie.png

Girls cannot not love pink. It may be a good idea to put on pink eyeshadow for your makeup. You can do away with what you want but for an idea, you can do one as shown in the picture below.



Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn pony who has displayed all the good qualities each pony has. That’s why she is adored and loved for her golden heart. Being the main character of My Little Pony, Twilight Sparkle may have the most number of fans. That’s why we have this Twilight Sparkle Women Costume that comes with a catsuit with glitter tulle bodice, tail, wig, glitter latex ear headband and leg warmers.

twilight sparkle.png

Purple is her color so match your costume with the same color for your makeup for a better look.



For the kids who love My Little Pony more than anyone else, we’ve got costumes for them too. Your kids will surely look totally adorable and they will love it for sure.

Let’s see what we have here for them.

Since we were just talking about Twilight Sparkle, we have a costume of Twilight Sparkle for your kids too. This costume is in the Alicorn form of Twilight Sparkle so your little girls will feel like a princess in it, a magical princess! Here’s the My Little Pony Star Song Kids Costume that is complete with a dress with detachable wings and tail, leg and arm warmers and a character headpiece. It’s nice, comfy and is very purple so your little girl will adore you when you get her this amazing set.

pony star.png

Little girls love pink and are so active so it’s not to wonder if they would love Pinkie Pie. We have a My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Classic Girls Costume for your little one. This costume comes with a tunic with detachable tail, leggings and headband. She will love this very fancy and sparkly dress. It’s perfect for your fun-loving little girl.

pinkie pie kids.png

If you are looking for the ultimate, fanciest, cutest and most colorful My Little Pony costume for your little girl to show off on, then we recommend this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Tutu Dress Prestige Girls Costume. This costume set comes in with a tutu dress with zipper closure, detachable tail and wings and headband with ears and bow. Get this costume for your little girl and she will certainly enjoy wearing it and will surely prance around proudly.

rainbow dash kids.png

There are accessories like wigs that you can use to match any outfit you might want. We have this Long Wavy Women Rainbow Wig that might come in handy for you.


You must now be so excited about this great and cute costumes that are available in store. There are more costumes and accessories that you can check in our website. Just visit this link right here:

Visit our website for more exciting costumes. We have a wide variety of products available that would fit your costume needs for any season and are available at any time. We’d be glad to be part of your magical experience.

Thanks for shopping at The Costume Land.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Costumes Going Beyond the Boundaries of the Shell 0

Posted on August 11, 2014 by halloweencostumes

“Heroes are not born. They’re created.”

Nickelodeon Movies and Michael Bay’s Productions are releasing what is probably one of the biggest movies this 2014, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You read that right! The Ninja Turtles that first gained fame from a comic book during the year 1984 has continually won the heart of superhero-lovers until this very day. This new TMNT movie will be released this August and is sure to be filled with action that’s going to excite you all!

Be in the trend and get Ninja Turtles costumes now! The Costume Land has lots of new 2014 Ninja Turtles costumes that you can choose from. Let’s check some of them out.

This first costume is one of the Best Seller Bodysuit costumes of Women and they’re available for you to get your hands on, ladies. Here is the Michelangelo Women Sexy Bodysuit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume that’s sexy and surely comfortable to move in if you wanna make some awesome ninja moves. This costume includes a jumpsuit with an attached boot tops and belt, a mask, shell and gauntlets.

task 2.png

Although you wear a mask, it’s still better if you would apply makeup just to improve your look. You can check out the video below for an idea.

Make your look cooler when you carry a weapon by matching it with a ninja turtles nail art.

turtle nails.jpg

We’ve got Men Ninja Turtles Costumes too. This one is has a “cartoony” more of look and is nice for guys who want to show more of the fun than of the action. Here is a Leonardo 2nd Skin Bodysuit Costume complete with a jumpsuit, removable shell, two elbow pads and two knee pads.

turtle body suit.png

What’s great with costumes is that they can come in different styles and still look really attractive and fascinating. Little girls love tutus because aside from it being cute, tutus are just so fancy. So why don’t you let your girls try this Leonardo Teenage Mutant Girls Tutu Ninja Turtle Girls Costume that comes with Tutu Dress, belt, shell backpack, glovelettes and eyemask.

girls turtle.png

Every kid will look cute in almost any costume and maybe, a simple turtle costume could look just right for your little boy. Here’s a really adorable Kids Turtle Costume which includes a whole one piece bodysuit with attached gloves.

boys turtle.png

We’ve also got this very sexy and very cool Plus Donatello Women Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume. This costume includes dress, belt, two arm ties, two leg ties, eyemask and stuffable Shell.

plus size turtle.png

What is your ninja turtles costume without the weapon? Leonardo’s katanas, Michelangelo’s nunchucks, Raphael’s sai, and Donatello’s bo staff. All of these are in store so you can complete your ninja turtles get up.



With these costumes, you would certainly look great and there’s no doubt about it. The enemy better shiver because the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are here to save the day.

All costumes are licensed and we guarantee you great quality for each and every one of them. We’ve got more of those costumes and you can choose from a great variety. You can just visit our website, for more costumes and accessories.

Don’t make a mistake and dress up right, the right ninja turtle. Although, it’s all up to you how you think a ninja turtle looks like.

ninja funny.jpg

Just expect that The Costume Land has all the costumes you might ever need.

Happy shopping everyone! Hiyah!

X-Men Costumes for Halloween 2013 0

Posted on June 11, 2013 by halloweencostumes

X-men series of comics and movies revolve around a team of mutant superheros who fight against the villain group of mutants. They also try to use their powers to help humanity as they battle in an anti-mutant environment. Its unique storyline and the presence of notable characters such as Wolverine, Magneto, Storm and Rogue have made it a huge success today.

This success has led to many spin-offs including mutant costumes. In fact, these costumes are one of the most popular series available this year. So, if you are a fan of X-men, then it is party time for you.

Wolverine Poster

Wolverine Poster

The most popular X-Men character is Wolverine, so it is no surprise that most X-Men fans would love to wear a X-Men Wolverine costume. To meet the expectations of die-hard fans like you, the costume comes with a blue and yellow jumpsuit. It also has a muscle torso, arms, claws and an attached belt buckle with the letter ‘X’ written in the middle. A wolverine mask completes the look for you. This costume comes in many sizes to suit your body size and frame. Additionally, you can buy a men’s claws to go well with your costume.

For the ladies, X-Men Mystique is one of the popular choices. You can transform to a sassy super woman with this blue and silver bodysuit, white tunic, skull belt and a pair of white gloves. It also comes with a bright red wing that is sure to make you look like the mysterious mutant who is out to spoil Magneto’s plans. The nice aspect about this costume is that it is made of polyester and this makes it easy to wash and maintain. So, you can wear your favorite any number of times now without ever worrying about cleaning.

X Men Wolverine Men Costume

Besides men and women, tweens also get to wear their favorite mutant costumes. The X-Men Storm Costume is a popular choice among tweens because she is the one who comes to save the others with her power over the wind and sun. This costume has a black dress with short sleeves, a silver belt and collar, detachable emblem that shows the world who this mutant is and black leggings to go with the dress. A black cape, a black headpiece with a center silver circle and a pair of fingerless gloves complete the costume.

These are unique costumes that will give you a chance to emulate your favorite superhero, whenever you want. Why wait until Halloween to wear them? Get them today and flaunt your favorite mutant costume to the world.

Halloween Costumes for 2012 Comments Off

Posted on August 23, 2011 by The Costume Land

Halloween Costumes‘ has become a vibrant industry with thousands of people searching for fancy dress costumes on a daily basis – not for Halloween but for normal day to day parties or going out. Everyone is searching for great ideas for their stylish look for the forthcoming party, night out, hen or stag parties.

For Halloween Costumes in 2012, if you are looking for a 70’s Costumes, 80’s Groove or sexy Pirates Costumes, The Costume Land can help you find a perfect costume to suit your style. We offer a variety of fancy dress costumes in different designs and sizes for your marvelous looks. We care about your looks so we are constantly adding new lines and latest trends to suit your Fancy Dress needs. So what are you waiting for? With more than 10,000 products to choose from, we’ll certainly have look you’ve been waiting for.

Halloween Costumes 2012

Halloween Costumes 2012

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