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Super Mario Brothers: Jump Into the Jumpsuit of Action 0

Posted on May 02, 2014 by halloweencostumes

A mushroom to help you grow, get the Fire Flower, collect coins and we’re off to save the Princess. But don’t forget, meeting Starman along the way will help you on your journey.

Super Mario Brothers is a game created by Nintendo and has come a long way since 1985. This adventure game has gained so much popularity and has now advanced along with the addition of some characters. Any gamer, young or old, men and women, will surely enjoy this game. It is so fun that a lot of fans have extended their admiration to it that at cosplay conventions, they join and dress up as Super Mario, or Luigi or Princess Peach. For you big fans out there, The Costume Land has great costumes in store just for you. Here are some sample products that are awaiting.

Super Mario, the star of the game. All up in his jumpsuit and cap, he’s ready to jump on Goomba and Koopa Troopa, jumping over depths and fire to save the Princess. If you’re into that kind of stuff too, you better have your own jumpsuit to join. Here’s a Super Mario Deluxe Men Costume, a complete set of jumpsuit, a hat, detachable belly, a pair of gloves and a faux mustache.


So you think you don’t look good in red, worry not because we’ve got a Luigi costume too. This is a Super Mario Deluxe Luigi Costume which also comes with a complete set of jumpsuit, a hat, detachable belly, a pair of gloves and a faux mustache. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? Luigi may not be the main character but surely, he’s as ready for action as Mario is.


Guys are not the only ones who are into gaming, you know? Girls can be as hardcore gamers as any other guy. It adds up to the sexiness, that’s for sure. That’s why Costume Land cannot not have Super Mario costumes for the men only but also for the lovely ladies. That is why we have this very sassy and cute Super Mario Princess Peach Deluxe Costume. This costume comes with a beautiful pink, sparkly dress with an attached amulet, a petticoat and a crown with headband.


For Super Mario costumes, we also have available costumes for kids, toddlers and women so don’t forget to check them out. We’re sure that your kids will also love the Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach costumes we have. For our big but lovable friends, we also have plus-sized costumes available so you can grab one for yourselves too. At The Costume Land, we have a great variety of costumes to array yourself with only the best of bests. Guaranteed that with our available costumes, you will be rest assured of great quality and stunning costumes.

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