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Corset Costumes: Sexiness to the Next Level 0

Posted on July 21, 2014 by halloweencostumes

A woman is always prideful of her appearance and gives value to her image, beauty and figure. One of the many things a woman could be proud of is the shape of her body. Big or small, slim or chubby, every woman has her own way to show off her curves and her shape and one of the many ways of doing so was by wearing corsets. In the past, corsets were worn as underwear that were used to emphasize a woman’s curviness by reducing the waist and exaggerating the bust and the hips. Since its invention, corsets have evolved into a woman’s everyday underwear to a fashionable statement to show off one’s sexiness.

Modern day corsets are now incorporated into women’s fashion. Some women still wear them as an underwear and for the same purpose as women in the olden times had but it can also be as a fashion statement especially that corsets today have become not just underwear but are part of a whole costume. So let’s take a look at some of the costumes The Costume Land has in store for you!

Hot and sexy, that’s how many girls would love to be defined. Many think that a girl can’t be a good girl plus be hot and sexy at the same time. That’s where they’re wrong. Check out this Sexy Angel Womens Corset Costume that are up for grabs. This corset comes with a strapless corset with a side closure, lace-up back and matching thong. This costume set also includes the white pettiskirt, halo and wings for the complete angel, good girl yet sexy look.



How about trying something that’s super? And what’s more super than a corset superhero costume. Check out this super cool and super sexy Wonder Woman Sequin Corset Costume. It’s simple yet very attractive and what’s nice about it is that you can wear it anywhere and anytime. Not much of a hassle, just tuck into your favorite jeans and you’re ready to go. But if you wanna go the extra mile, slip into some red tights or a red mini skirt to match with cool boots. You can also check this link here for a possible match with this corset.

corset 1.png

If you want a full Wonder Woman costume then we have this Super Sexy Wonder Woman Costume complete with a corset with removable garters, clear bra straps, skirt, belt, headpiece and gauntlets. Put on some red stockings with red pumps, the perfect make up and you’ll be a woman beyond wonder.

corset 2.png


Who has more curves to emphasize than the plus sized girls. As they say, “Chubby is the new sexy.” So for the plus sized women, we also have plus sized corset costumes for you. Here is really sexy White Nurse Corset Women Costume which comes complete with strapless corset with lace-up back for cinching and back zipper closure, nurse hat and stethoscope. A girl in this costume can surely cure up a guy’s broken heart.

nurse corset.JPG


These are only a few of the many corset costumes The Costume Land has so don’t forget to check out our website at for more great and fabulous items. Here, we have a whole variety of corset costumes from plain corset alone to different customized corset costumes like a sports corset costume, superhero corset costume, fantasy and fairytale corset costume and many many more! Happy shopping ladies!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Out of This World Costumes 0

Posted on July 15, 2014 by halloweencostumes

An evil force is threatening the galaxy and the lives of billions of people are at stake. But from unexpected origins, a group of heroes have risen, willing and ready to save the universe. These heroes call themselves, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

From the Walt Disney Studios comes a new superhero film based on Marvel Comics, the Guardians of the Galaxy. It is a story of adventure of a group of galaxy misfits who now holds the fate of the entire galaxy in their hands. This film is to be showed this coming August 2014 and for sure, a lot will be awaiting this action-packed, awesome movie. So don’t let yourself be left out and join in the fun. The Costume Land brings you amazing costumes that will fit your out of this world adventure!

Peter Quill, also known as Star Lord, left earth while he was still a kid and is being hunted down by the evil Ronan, the Accuser, for stealing an orb that holds great power. To defeat Ronan, Star Lord creates his team of heroes and stop Ronan from his evil plots. If a hero like Star Lord should always look good then so should you. We have for you this Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Deluxe Costume, complete with a jacket with detachable buckle and character mask. Get one now and you’d be ready for any action that’s beyond your wildest imaginations!


From being an orphan to a personal assassin trained by Thanos, Gamora is ready to become one of the heroes and redeem herself from her past crimes. Part of Star Lord’s team is the greenly hot alien, Gamora, and is the only female among the Guardians of the Galaxy. Women could be as ready for battle as any man is, right? That is why for the women, we have this Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Deluxe Costume complete with a jumpsuit with an attached belt, detachable collar, pair of glovettes and boot covers. Be sure to paint yourself green first before putting it on and you would be the absolute heroine.


Whether on earth or out into space, a hero is always ready to face danger for the greater good. Packed with courage, bravery, a bit of wit and full strength, no evil being will be able to lay a finger on anyone as long as there are heroes around.

In addition, as long as The Costume Land is around, expect that the costumes you will be looking for will always be available. We will always be up-to-date for your costume needs and we assure great quality products from the costumes to the accessories we sell. Don’t forget to check out our website, We have a wide range of available products that will suit any occasion, celebration, festivities, party or you just wanna go out today feeling unique, we would absolutely be glad to offer you only the best!

Happy shopping everyone!

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